Saturday, June 16, 2012


In Finance
I used to read an article about banker's name that carry aroma of wealthy in it. Bob Diamond or JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon (Rhyme with diamond though some naughty one say its rhyme with demon) and few more.

In Chess 
In chess world we can witnessed the same phenomena, we have Morozevich ‘Moro’ (name of an ethnic in Southern Philippines that is fighting for independent, they are liberator or terrorist, depend on which side you are).

We have Nakamura ‘Naka’ which is fire in Japanese. Talked about Naka, there is one company/counter at KLSE named Nakamichi Corporation Berhad and the stock’s code is Naka and this Naka counter has been doing very well last week when Nakamura starts winning... and week before when GM Naka is losing, this Naka counter drop so much. Hmm, I wonder whether I should starts trading this counter next week based on GM Naka’s performance…

There are of course a lot others such as Magnus is the name of the Norway’s King, we have Tomashevsky (Tomahawk), Levon (Lion) Aronian, Tigran (Tiger) Petrosian and Captain Planet’s favourite player, Leonid Stein (Lion) etc.

All are great players with great, aggressive name…

There is one Estonian International Master player named Ular Lauk. Message in the name is simple, either you be an Ular (win) or be a Lauk (lose) to him.

Message or no message we will surely smile when we play against IM Ular Lauk.:)

Dream game 
My dream game is actually to see Nigel Short play a game with Peter Long ( Short vs Long). Just imagine if the opening is Sicilian Dragon, commentators can be heard saying “ Shortly after Short castled long, Long followed suit by castling short…” :)

And this imaginary game ended in a draw…after a long manoeuvre by Long to gain advantage, Short executed a nice, short combination that leads to a perpetual check.

Question: Who emerged as the champion at Insofar Ipoh last week?
Answer: Mr Johan



  1. Ilham,

    I'm looking forward for headline "Long gave Short a Short Sharp Shock".. at least for game of the day in :)

  2. LOL... ahahaha... lawak seh... i just enjoying your writing Sir Ilham...

    patutla terbatuk2 semalam... ada orang sebut nama saya... hahaha... i really appreciate it...

    i just wanna state that yes... morozevich style is the incarnation of the ancient war style of moro people... you live or you die kinda things... your statement almost true sir... since my great great ancestor is moro people too...

  3. Dear all,


    TQVM for the comments. Appreciate it.