Saturday, June 9, 2012


I used to believe that the most guarded MCF secret is MCF bank balance (talked on the street varied from MCF got no money to MCF got a lot of money, depend with whom you talk or whom you want to believe) but now no more…

Now I started to believe the most guarded MCF secret is a list of players who will represent Malaysia in this coming Olympiad or via which manner players will be chosen…is it via selection system? it via merit system? it via hybrid (combine between selection and merit system)?...or is it via MAS (Mana Ada System)?

I think this list lies somewhere deep inside MCF safe box guarded by laser, burly guards and could only be open with combination of correct voice and numbers…of course this is only my silent imagination but MCF silent on this has been very deafening...

Actually I am neutral on this …be it selection, merit or president’s nominees, heck even if it is MAS, I frankly don’t care ( My daughters do not play chess and I am after all 20 years away from making it in the team)…all I want to see is there is a system and it is done early and not in a last minute style. Players chosen can prepare early and God knows how many preparations need to be done… leave preparation, passport preparation. chess preparation, financial preparation, getting approval from ‘Home Minister’preparation, if any…to the best of my knowledge there is no player in Malaysia who has manager to ‘kaw tim’ all that so early confirmation from MCF I think will be most appreciate.


Eddy Fong posted an interesting article here and in which I did write a comment on my dream team there but it was not published…I guess Eddy just do not want to start a new comments ‘war’ on his blog…and with newly gazette law on internet posting, Eddy's action is fully understandable (and respectable too)

For record, Eddy Fong's Dream Team is as below, which is largely based on recent National Closed Result:
1. Roshan
2. Eng Chiam
3. Syazwan
4. Li Tian
5. Mas

Gilachess joined in the fun by setting up a poll... on who his readers feel deserved to be in the team (and as at now, 12am 10/6/2012) list of players are as below:
1. Roshan
2. Li Tian
3. Mas
4. Yee Weng
5. Jimmy

By the way my Malaysia dream team for this Turkiye Trip is as below, under no particular order:
1. MasHafizul Helmi
2. Mok Tze Meng
3. Lim Yee Weng
4. Roshan
5. Li Tian

And if there is reserve player, I think it should goes to Mohd Syazwan Zulkifli.

 … a nice mixture of senior and junior…