Wednesday, June 13, 2012


1. There is one player, let's call him Mr G...average player at best but badly wanted to join his town strong, newly estabished chess team that consist of many strong, hardworking players. Since Mr G, FIDE rating wise, did not qualified him to be in the team, Mr G submitted instead his National rating inside FIDE Rating column and finally make it to the team.

2. After a few tournaments it became clear that Mr G should not be in this team...his result, his rating and especially his work habit (most players spend at least 8 hours study chess while Mr G is spending only 4, 5 hours study chess.) There is now small talk, a whisper, of kicking him out from the team.

3. Mr G's rating also has dropped around 200 points now...

4. So one fine day, in the middle of the tournament no less and after registering another lost, Mr G was asked by his team mate to leave the team but suddenly Mr G fights back...a fierce fight with lots of noise , with lots of apologies and promises as long as he is allowed to continue to be in the team... despite of Mr G inability and its incompetency compared with the rest of his team mate.

5. Heck, outside of team...suddenly everybody support Mr G...Tournament Director/Arbiter want Mr G to continue to be in team as not to spoilt other player's norm/rating...chess fan want him to continue playing because he is popular (and handsome too)...his future opponent wants him to play because they see easy point there.

 6. So after many meetings, everybody agreed to beef up Mr G. So they lend to Mr G many chess books and chess analyses etcetera with hope that Mr G will be able to play competitive required by his team mate..with a condition: Mr G must study chess at least 8 hours a day.

 7. Just when everyone thought this is the solution and happy ending for Mr G...out of nowhere Mr G's coach and second protest " Thanks for the books and support...but why must we study chess for 8 hours while we so used to 3 or 4 you want to see us die when studying chess? Thanks but no thanks"

8. So right now everybody (with vested interest) is again cracking their head to find ways to help Mr G improve his chess...while at the same times not burdening him so much...

9. and the worst part is, now other participant see that maybe Mr I or Mr S got the same problem as Mr G...

1. Based on Greeece economic figure, Greece actually did not qualified to be in EU (European Union) but there is rumors that certain figure has been altered in order to qualify Greece to join EU.

2. After few years, Greece's debt, GDP, accumulate defisit spending and even early retirement age for their citizens compared with other EU members is worrisome. Rumours that Greece needs to be out of EU suddenly is being spread

3. Major rating agencies started to downgrade Greece's rating .

4. Many EU's countries prefer Greece to leave EU but Greece refuse.

5. Bankers, Fed Reserve, Central banks prefer Greece to be part of EU and continue playing..big banks see there is opportunity for profit or cut losses.

6. Bailout is being offered to help Greece but with strings attached...Stringent Economic Measure!

7. Greece's citizen refused to obey to stringent economic measured impose to them.

 8. So now economists, bankers, academicians are trying to find creative ways to help Greece.

9. Now Italy and Spain are in troubled and required bailout.


  1. bila buat perbandingan macam tu... baru saya faham... ahahaha... me gusta

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks but i think 'Brilliant' is just way too generous for this posting since it got many flaws, here and there.

    Hi Captain,
    perbandingan semacam :)

    1. You know what, bro? IMHO, Greece's ability to go beyond group's matches in EURO 2012, has positive influences in their economic plight too. At least, the people have more hope, and certainly the share market will be more stabilized.

      Who says sports (and chess) are useless?

  3. A systemic problem.

    Do we have systemic problems in chess?