Monday, September 8, 2014


I am now fully believed that time travel device has been created and it is called Whatsapp...

A month ago i joined my primary school Whatsapp Group and off...i went back to 1984 when i am still schooling in Kajang.

Thanks to Arshad and Ruzenan (Administrator), I joined a Terengganu chess players Whatsapp group called 1Catur Trg last week and I swear, immediately, I am off to a place 300 miles away and i could feel that i am at that Kedai Aziz again.

Here, at 1catur Trg, sweet bantering are common...exchanging of jokes are norm...the friendly teasing...the live telecast of chess of players. Man, I love this group!
Here we talked chess and only chess, and we do this in our unique and private Terengganu Chess languages that have been evolved and developed over the last 30 years. Example are 'kena pepoh' (severely beaten) or 'sippang kuda' (keep the knight) or 'nok mussing' (want to castle) and so on.

What I like here is, unlike my other half dozen Whatssap Group, here we talked pure advice to be a better request for silly jokes/ mentioning about expensive gift received from hubby, picture of dining at that exclusive Just a bit of chess, a sprinkle of caissa, a dose of catur and lots and lots of friendship.

Here, we are known via our moniker. We have here Mexico, Papa Midnite (me!), German, Franco, Pracih, England and ofcourse, the group favourite player, emjee!...and few more. Just too many to mentioned.

Now while i am writing this post at one of cybercafe at Setiawangsa, I glanced at my phone and see all that incoming messages from 1Catur Trg...i swear, though my body is at Kuala Lumpur, i could somehow hear that  China Selatan's wave come crushing the white sandy beach of Terengganu...and I suddenly inhale that salty air again (instead of carbon monoxide air of KL)

Whoever that created Whatssap. Thank you very much!

You are really one hell of Dr Emmet Brown! (That absent minded doc we all love from Back to the Future films)