Saturday, November 6, 2010


The Intro
Haq has done it. 2 days ago Edward Lee has done it even better. Haq has done it mano e many (one on many, simultaneous chess). Edward Lee has done it mano e mano, man to man, one on one.

I am talking about beating GM Nigel Short.

2 days ago, cr33pstalker aka Edward Lee played blitz game (3 + 1 second) at playchess. Witnesss by thousand of chess fan worldwide, our hero duly beat someone who just once, an opponent away, from becoming World Chess Champion. I suspect Maruku or Dhal he consumed during that Deepavali Days legally contribute to his win.

The game begin innocently enough with equal position but once the game entered the endgame phase Edward Lee runs amok and he starts picking Short's pawns that in the words of Bobby Fischer in My 60 memorable games,...fells like ripe apples.

One pawn up, two pawns up, three pawns up! Short resigned shortly after. He has had enough!

The Game

The Thanks
Many thanks to Jedi Arshad from PCNT for the info and the game and duly shared it with his Padawan.