Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Just read this article about Strauss-Kahn from March 2011 Bloomberg Markets magazine.

61 years old, France Finance Minister (1997-1999) and currently International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director. He shone brightly during the gloom 2008 economic crisis and now busy handling PIGS crisis (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain).

Strauss Kahn is now a very popular name in France and according to the article if the France Election were held today, he will easily beat current President Nicolas Sarkozy.

His interests, other than economic and politics, is chess! Whenever he got bored on the plane, he would say "OK. This is boring. Let's play a little chess'-without any chessboard."...blindfold chess!

On most evenings, Strauss Kahn hones his skills by playing anonymously on his computer with opponents around the world. "On the internet, you can find yourself up against a Korean or a guy from Greenland," he says "It's not just a way of relaxing: It's also a way of measuring my stress levels. When i am tired, i'm no good."

Very true, Mr President!

Chess tip
My chess tips to the future President of France?
Always play French Defense!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Friday 26 November 2010.
In US and Canada, Black Friday shopping season begin...

In Tennesse, a package containing radio active material has been reported lost...

In London, Black Friday for Malaysian Chess. We, chess citizen of Malaysian chess, lost our one and only Lim Chong.

Lim Chong
Lim Chong needs no introduction (though in his life, he never fails to introduce to us the beauty of chess). We all know him and in a time before Wikipedia, Al Jazeera,, Gilachess and Hairulov, Lim Chong is all above combined. If Lim Chong did not write it, it did not happen. Simple.

We chess players treasured what he write (especially if our name or picture, or even better our game!, is mentioned on his article!), we physically (and literally!) cut and paste his article, entered tournament he mentioned and improve our game by playing/ studying via chess games he published. And not only that, to me, via his writings, I learned English language. Whenever I discovered new words in his article, I will look for the meaning in dictionary and write it down on my little '555' notebook (paper notebook, not battery powered notebook) of my new English word.

I remember how in late 80s and early 90s. I was still schooling at Dungun Terengganu...first thing to do on Saturday morning is to look for Malay Mail (Lim Chong’s column appeared on Friday, afternoon but Terengganu will normally received it a day after). It is once a week compulsory date with Lim Chong. Forget about breakfast...and on Saturday morning we will normally have the best breakfast in the form of Nasi Dagang, still a date with Lim Chong is what I valued more!

For someone who played such a central role in Malaysian chess (equivalent to the e4, d4 square), Lim Chong as a person always quiet and humble and chose to be a quiet a2 pawn but we chess player know without the very quiet a2 pawn, the equilibrium of the position collapse! And furthermore there is no need for Lim Chong to do that (to be very vocal, highlighting his contributions, plans, for chess from the central e4 or d4 square) because in chess kingdom and among us, he actually stood at e1 square!

Lim Chong is now no longer with us (though his writings shall forever be part of Malaysian chess history) We cannot say how thankful we are to him but the least we can do to pay our respect to the King of local chess columnist is perhaps by entering Lim Chong Memorial Chess Tournament tomorrow.

See you there!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Dear reader,

If you are, like me, hopelessly addicted to above

...and love to spend few days here, paradise on earth.

...and perhaps, with luck and skills, winning some RM.

Then, quick! Register your name to take part in Kejohanan Catur Terbuka Parlimen Dungun. Details of this tournament
Sorry, I am still don't know how to make a fancy link like here, here, here.

Some info of this tournament
1. First prize RM800 Good and even better is second prize is RM600 and 10th prize is RM100. Unlike some tournaments that ‘con’ player with the prize structure of 1st RM1,000 2nd RM300
2. Entrance Fee RM30 Standard
3. Time Control 30 minutes with 15 seconds increment. Very good. I love increment.
4. Limited to 100 entrants. Better register now!
5. Only Malaysian and Singaporean citizen can enter. Strange !? Why don’t open to all chess citizen of planet earth (minus emotionless chess citizen that run on battery ofcourse) ? This ruling mean Indonesian, Philippine , Uzbekistan etc are not eligible to play. Strange.
6.Date: 6th and 7th May 2011. Ok, two days event with one day fall on the weekend. For west coast player.

Picture Credit

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Noise and Crowd Control
I think before every round, Najib informed players and parent not to make noise and emptied the hall after the game (though later this has been relaxed to ok to watch the game but be quiet) but funny thing is i encountered below 2 scenarios.

The first one is one unsatisfied player because according to him, arbiter did not do their best to control the noise.

The second one is one unsatisfied spectator because according to him, arbiter is too strict.

Well, you cannot please everybody!

To me, arbiters in this tournament did an excellent job balancing between strict and controlled ‘openness’. It is never easy to control kids in the candy shops and of course we all are kids in candy shop when surrounded by all thing chess.

On the last day, Najib is all apologetic about the venue and he hoped that future National Closed could be conducted at better place. This inferior feeling must be felt no doubt because few days prior to NC, NAG was conducted at ‘world class hall’ at UTP and now NC is conducted at ‘run down’ place, as what one blogger called it. I totally disagreed at such chose of degrading word there.

To me the venue is ok. What’s wrong with DATCC that is spacious, fully air condition, near to many eating places, highly accessible, got its own toilet etc ? After all once the game started, you no longer care about your surrounding.

But anyway, should you want to play chess in paradise...wait for my next posting, i will tell you where and when!

Players (Top 5)
1.IM Jimmy Liew
2.Edward Lee
3.Tan Khai Boon
4.Loo Swee Leong
5.Yeap Eng Chiam

1.Lim Zhuo Ren
2.Sumant Subramaniam
3.IM Jimmy Liew
4.Fong Yit Ho
5.Yeap Eng Chiam

ELO Gainers
1.Eu Wen 68
2.Lim Zhuo Ren 48
3.Tan Jung Feng 47
4.Elgin Lee 38
5.Teh De Juan 38

ELO Losers
1.Johan Jamil -64
2.Abdul Aziz Abdul Shukor -40
3.Eddy Fong -37
4.Tan Khai Boon -29
5.Khair Wahidudin -29
6.Ong Thian Loon -29
7. Lim Kian Hwa -29

There is a cash prize for top 3 winners!

Best Upset
Eu Wen (FIDE 1774) drew with Jimmy (FIDE 2302). Rating difference? 528!

Best Finding
Eu Wen, draw with Jimmy, beat Eddy Fong, Rizal Ahmad Kamal and Lim Kian Hwa. From what i heard, he is still under 12 (or is it under 10?) schooling overseas (at China or India if i am not mistaken, not sure) and got his own chess teacher to teach him chess.

Blitz event
People seems surprised that Jimmy won this event ahead of 2Ms (Mas and Mok, not Mahathir-Musa of 80s). To me no surprise here. I have watch how well Jimmy played bullet chess at chesscube and if you can drive Ferrari well, Kancil should not be a problem!

To improve
I just wished if there is a corner for chess player to analyzed the game but then again i understand on the space constraint.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Being associated with ten normally is a good thing in life. In football, the most dangerous striker will normally wearing shirt number 10. In gymnastic, we got this phrase ‘perfect ten’ for the perfect performance just like what Nadia Commenici did in 1976 Olympic. Ofcourse, Bo Derek is also being called perfect ten but that is different story, a totally different story.

A story today is Lim Zhuo Ren (His name carried 10 characters) and seeded number 10, managed to beat 10 opponents (9 are his fellow competitors plus one is his nervous self, all he beat or tame convincingly) to be crown as a new chess champion of Malaysia, our new NM!

In arguably the strongest Malaysia National Closed for this new millineum with 1 IM, 3 NMs, 24 above Fide 2000 and 91 Fide rated players, LZR just run faster, fight stronger and defends tougher compare with the rest. He started with perfect 7 wins and this is when he face his two strictest examiners (the youngest master, Yeoh Li Tian, and the oldest master, IM Jimmy Liew), he passed the exam by safely drew both games.

When at the other part of the world, UN coalition bombing Libya with their precise and smart bomb. Here is Malaysia, LZR just bombing his opponents to pieces with his precise and smart chess move.

However, no doubt, the memory of National Closed 2009 (in which he lead the tournament but stumbled at the finishing line) keep haunting him in this year National Closed edition. According to LZR, it nearly killed his chess spirit but just like Phoenix, he rise from that experience and come back stronger.

Lim Zhuo Ren always used the initial of his name (LZR) when he shout at the shoutbox. LZR rhyme with LaZaRus. Do you know what Lazarus Syndrome/Phenomenon is? It is actually a name given to a medical miracle when heart patient suddenly come to life after almost certain death after a failed resuscitation. Spot on!

Statistically wise, it is easier to be CEO of listed company (got about 900 members) compared to be a National Master (less than 30 members, boy! NM is really one hell of exclusive club!) and to join this exclusive club at the tender age of 19 (again, 1 + 9= ten!) is absolutely amazing!.

For out of this world achievement and more, Chess Odyssey (as an out of this world spacemanlah! :)) salute you, National Master Lim Zhuo Ren.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Arrived at the hall at exactly 9am. Najib is currently briefing all players which i guess about the usual stuff, off the hand phone, keep quiet, toilet...hmm about toilet today Najib suggested that maybe toilet inside the hall could be reserved for ladies and kids and guys could use the outside toilets. S. Balendran informed that toilets outside do not have a running water. Najib, being Najib, flashed that megawatt smile and said “I reserved my comments” that brought laughter to the floor!

Round 5
On top two board, Loo Swee Leong and LZR continued their winning streaks by beating Li Tian and Eng Chiam respectively.

Board 3 NM Edward Lee beat IM Jimmy Liew in an interesting French game.

On my game, got into terribly awful position against Dollah, later Dollah blundered and i managed to equal the game, offered him a draw which he refused. Later he blundered in a tricky position (see below)

1. ..... Ra1?
2. Re6 winning a bishop. He resigned.

But what is the outcome should he played the correct move 1. ...e3!...I think with the best play it should still be a draw though black is the who got the advantage. Below is what my Fritz suggest as a best play for both side
2.Ke1 Bd5
3.Rh6 Ra7
4.Rh4 Kg5
5.Ra4 Rh7
6.Bf3 Bb3
7.Rb4 with equal position.

Round 6
The big news is ofcourse when LZR beat LSL to solely lead the field by one point gap. Now it is interesting to see whether LZR will continued his winning streak or will he collapse during the last few rounds ala Nat Closed 2009? Only LZR can answer this question.

The small news is i drew with crown prince of chess. :)

Cameo appearance
NM Kamal Ariffin, IM Giam, IM Situru, Ian Udani, Ismail Ahmad, Hairulov etc.

Q:Named undefeated player(s) in the Open section?
A:LZR (6 wins), Edward Lee (4 wins, 2 draws) and Khair (1 win and 5 (!) draws)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tournament proper began at 9.25am when Najib made several announcements requesting player who has finished their game to leave the hall, shut off the handphone etc, well you know, the usual drill.

Najib also took the opportunity to advise those lepak outside of the hall to be careful since the car driven at the car park sometimes could qualify them for FI race!

Oh by the way need to mentioned there is this rule that photo can be taken during the first five minutes after the round this five minutes photo ...only time when i feel as if i am on the red carpet!

Round 3
Interesting to see Jimmy played Pirc Defence against Fong Sit Yan’s 1.e4. Obviously concerned over improvement that Sit Yan;s might prepared (They played against each other on the last round of Selangor Open last year). Jimmy won.

Nabila and Najiha drew their game early (but well after move 20), probably decision reach over breakfast at home.

Upset. Tan Ken Wei beat Tan Khai Boon.

On my game against Li Tian, i am toying of playing Blackmar by open my game with 1.d4, he will replied 1. ...d5 and i will continued with 2. e4 Blackmar! but feel like it is not proper to play coffee shop opening against such world class i open with a more sober 1.e4


1.e4 c6
2.d4 d5
3.Nc3 de4

Old habit die hard, itchy hand (gatal tangan), still offering him a Blackmar via transposition of moves

4. ....ef3

He accept if after 5 minutes thought.

5.Nf3 Nf6
6.Bd3 Bg4
7.Be3 e6
8.0-0 Be7
9.Qe1 Bh5
10. Qh4 Bf3
11.Rf3 Nd5
12.Qg3 Ne3
13.Qg7 Rf8

14.Re3 ?

This natural move is a mistake. Better 14.Bh7 Nd5 15.Rf7 Rf7 16. Bg6 Kd7 which Li Tian shows to me after the game and in which my Fritz agreed!

14. ... Bf6
15. Re6 fe6
16. Qb7

16. ... Qd4
17.Kh1 Be5
18.Bh7 Rf6

Maybe 19. Ne4 is better with line such as 19. Ne4 Rh6 20.g3

19. ...Qf2

Now the rest is massacre.

20. Bc6 Nc6
21. Qc6 Kf7
22.Qb7 Kg6
23.Qe4 Qf5
24.Qe2 Rh8
25.h3 Rh3
26. gh3 Qh3
27. Kg1 Bd4

I resigned.Game result 0-1 personal encounters 0-3

Round 4
Selected results.

Top of table clash, Loo Swee Leong beat Crown Prince of Chess, Nabil.

Mark Siew won against a rusty Fariz in a tuly messy game

Abdullah Che Hassan had a quick draw against Nik Farouqi.

Fadzil Nayan drew against Tan Khai Boon.

Khair drew again. He is now scored 3 draws and one win.

Lim Zhuo Ren sacrificed a knight for a mating attack against Masrin who maybe should not castled queenside. Lim Zhuo Ren is now 4 points. All i can say to not let memory of 2009 Nat Closed to haunt you!

Ismail Ahmad had a tough time against a stubborn Dr Paul but finally manage to win in the endgame.

Marcus and Rizal won both of their game today, slowly creeping out from disastrous first day result.

I won against Teh Wee Zhun, playing old favourite Albin Counter Gambit when he had difficulty freeing his queenside forces. I am also extra determine to win this game since half an hour before the start of the game i received a surprise call from Encik Rahim Ramli, President of Terengganu Chess Association who wished me luck. Thanks, Encik Rahim!

On and today, several chess players/personalities make cameo appearance today, Irman Ibrahim, Christy Hon, Saprin (together with his kids), Hamid Majid and several others.

Round 5
I will play against Abdullah Che Hassan. Better study the Dragon now...bye!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Players Meeting
I arrived at DATCC at about 8.45am. Familiar faces all over the place and at about 9am Najib conducted Players Meeting. Among matters informed/raised:
  • Waiting time is half an hour.
  • Toilets inside the hall is only for players use. Parents need to use outside toilets.
  • Draw is only allowed after 20 moves. Below that moves need to get Arbiter consent.
  • Phone not allowed.
  • Due to 5 hours different between rounds, Najib suggested that should any game finished after 2pm, players involved are allowed to start their game at 3pm. Greg suggested all afternoon game to begin at 3pm but Kian Hwa disagreed and suggested to stick to the schedule. Later it is decided that it will stick to original schedule.
  • Appeals Committee is chosen between players and they are
  • Ismail Ahmad
  • Jimmy Liew
  • Sumant
  • Rizal Ahmad Kamal
  • Marcus
Reserve (Haslinda, Dr Paul)
  • And ofcourse to officially lodge an appeal you need to put up RM200 deposit. No money, no talk.
First Round
Most of the seeded players dutifully defeated their opponents but still, there are upsets here and there. Among the upsets
1. Jimmy Liew drew against Eu Wen
2. Cheah Cheok Fung lost to Nuriman.
3. Eddy Fong lost to Shreyes Subramaniam
4. Marcus lost to Sri Shiva
5. Rizal lost to Muhd Hafiz.

Well, based on above list of upset, i guess i am lucky not in the appeals committee...

For me, I won against Harun Bustaman when my opponent knight’s got trapped at the middle of the board.

Round 2
The exciting one.

Jimmy showed no mercy to Ezmi. Ezmi comments after the game...”just like tsunami...”.

2 exciting games from this round are Hao Looi against Edward Lee. Though Edward is an exchange up, Hao’s king is super active and Edward’s pawns are weak. Somehow Edward managed to stop his opponent counter play to secure his second points.

Another exciting gam is Tan Khai Boon vs Mark Siew. A typical King Indian where Mark’s went for a king side attack and TBK went for queenside pawns rush. Later Mark’s manage to exchange his two rooks for TBK’s queen and with advantage position (in my opinion). But somehow result’s favour TBK.

At about 5pm MasHafizulhelmi, cradling his son, visited the tournament hall together with his wife.

Upsets? Fariz lost to Low Jun Jian, Irfan Haqqim beat Aziz Shukor, Kamaluddin lost to Roshan, Rizal lost to Teh Wee Zhun and Marcus lost to Tee Han Kang.

For me, I won against Shreyes when my two bishops and rook harmoniously create a mating attack against his king.

Round 3 pairing
1. Edward Lee vs Fadzil Nayan
2. Tan Ken Wei vs Tan Khai Boon
3. Loo Swee Leong vs Ismail Ahmad
4. Ilham vs Yeoh Li Tian
5. Lim Zhuo Ren vs Syakir Shazmeer
6. Sumant vs Irfan Haqqim

Well, my record against Li Tian is something like 2 losses :(...any tips?

Monday, March 14, 2011


After battling it out over 3 days and 3 nights in Seri Iskandar, with each contenders fought it out over eight games each with alternate colour, Nabil Azman Hisham has today been been proclaimed a winner hence the rightful owner to be the Crown Prince of Malaysian chess.

His road to the title is not easy. For a start he is not the hot favourite to win the title (he is seeded number 3) with his main challengers are NM Timothy Capel, who once a King (National Master) of Malaysian chess, Sumant (King of the Hill), Mark Siew (The most improved youngster) but slowly and surely he overcome all the obstacles to ensure the crown is his by winning a remarkable 6 games and drawing 2.

Nabil born in a truly chess family. All members of the Azman Hisham and Zazaloma’s family not only played chess, they eat, sleep and breath chess! Very good chances if their cat, should they have one, is also able to play a fighting chess. Once, last year if i am not mistaken, they have entered one chess team tournament and fielded all their family member in a team. No import player. Result? First placelah what else...Well, a usual sight in local chess tournament...Azman Hisham’s clan will sapu most of the prizes. :)

I have the opportunity of playing against Nabil two (or is it 3) times. Nabil won all. In all the games I had the advantage white pieces, inviting Nabil for a fist fight in Smith Morra Sicilian. He politely declined the pawn in the opening and impolitely beat me to death in the endgame. Having playing against him and on many occasions, watching him played i could safely said that Nabil is one tough and tricky opponent. On many occasion he will repeat his moves and just when his opponent expect he wants a draw he make another moves avoiding repetition! Upsetting and frustrating his opponent and without doubt gaining precious seconds on the clock!

In last year National Closed (best remembered for last game battle between Farouqi and Tan Khai Boon), Nabil is actually the leader for most part of the tournament. In round 8, he faced Tan Khai Boon and around move 25 TKB got only 3 minutes left but Nabil failed to capitalize on it and lost...and the rest is history.

This year and in a few days time he will again took part in National Closed. Wearing his new and shining crown he will be a scary opponent to face across the board.

Good luck to you Nabil in this coming National Closed

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today Chess Odyssey celebrate its one year old birthday!

How time flies! What actually begin as my plan to get additional income (didn't Nuffnang is now collecting only RM2 ) and answering Jimmy's challenge (he once posted an article asking a new blogger to stop blogging if it just 'cut n paste' and did not write something original about chess...give me idea to write something different from what being commonly being blog at that time), now already one year old!

To mark its first year in the cyberworld, i have done some minor cosmetic changes
  • Add 5 additional blogs under my blog roll.
  • Add that earth moon phase always amuse me
  • Change my picture :) Chess and chess blogging sometimes could be nasty and not wish to drag my family to it...
  • Thinking of changing the background but it just doesn't seems right with my blog 'personality' if there is such a thing...imagine having a green Ferrari...
To all readers, thanks for the supports, both on and off the cyberworld.

May God continued to give me strength, time and idea to continue writing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The Experiment
In 1985 Victor Korchnoi played one chess game with Geza Maroczy that took 7 years to finish.
What unique about this game is Geza Maroczy, Hungarian chess player, died in 1951! Korchnoi played with ghost of Maroczy.
The game is a psychic experiment and was reported by Dr. Wolfgang Eisenbeiss and Dieter Hassler in the April 2006 issue of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.
Maroczy moves were written by Robert Rollans, an automatic-writing trance medium who was living in Germany. Rollans was chosen as he did not know how to play chess and was willing to participate without remuneration.
After 47 moves, Maroczy resigned and according to Korchnoi ‘During the opening phase Mar√≥czy showed weakness,’ ‘His play is old-fashioned.'

The Believers
During game, 92 questions have been posed to Maroczy, he managed to answer all. 85 of his answers manage to be verified as correct while other 7 could not be verified.
Maroczy plays is old fashioned. Weak in opening theory but strong in endgame, rook ending. Marozcy’s trademark.
Rollans, a Romanian, do not know Hungarian language but communicate throughout the game in Hungarian language.

The Sceptics
During 7 years time, Rollans might get help from books, computers or any strong players.
Korchnoi is a known believer to paranormal science. He is not a neutral person in this experiment.
Nobody knows what are the 92 questions being asked to ‘Maroczy’.
The whole experiment is not done in controlled environment.

The Game
White:Maroczy/Robert Rollans

The Trivia
Before the game, Korchnoi indicate he wants to play with either Capablanca, Keres or Maroczy. Unfortunately Capablanca and Keres are uncontactable, so he played with Marozcy instead.

Medium, Rollans, died few weeks after the game finished.

The Unrelated
Below is a video showing Korchnoi playing another 'non human'.


With Korchnoi the terrible,
anything is possible!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


We're leaving together
But still it's farewell
And maybe we'll come back
To earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame
We're leaving ground
Will things ever be the same again?

It's the final countdown
The final countdown

The Count down
10 Number of days before the start of National Closed 2011. Tick tock tick tock...time is running out!
9 Number of rounds for National Closed.
8 Number of place allocate as a Sea Games Finalist
7 Number of players above the Master rating (FIDE 2100)
6 Number of points that i am aiming for, should be enough for top ten.
5 Number of hours between round....meaning if your 9.30 am game lasted for 120 moves, ( it will be played for 5 hours) you just have enough time for toilet break and start your 2.30 pm game immediately though i believe perhaps the arbiter will allowed your game to start half an hour late or something...
4 Number of level at Kompleks Wilayah in which the battle will take place.
3 Number of former NM that take part (men category)
2 Number of groups...2 groups , you either junior or senior! You cannot remain neutral...No, just kidding, ofcourse 2 here is the groups Men and Women
1 Number of NM titled being offered
0 We have a take off!...0 is also the cash prized being offered to the winners

It's the final countdown
(The final countdown)
Ohh, it's the final countdown

Thursday, March 3, 2011


The Question
Who is Malaysia first chess blogger/columnist/author?

Hairulov? Nope
Gilachess? No
Late Lim Chong?Not quite
Quah Seng Sang? Wrong
Jimmy Liew? Wrong again though Jimmy did write a book titled Chess in Malaysia in early 80s'

Ladies and gentleman. The answer is…drum roll, please…Tun Sri Lanang!

I could hear ‘Hey, never heard that Tun Sri Lanang wrote a blog!’ Ok, I am not referring to our Tun Seri Lanang, chess player but rather to Tun Seri Lanang, Bendahara of Johore and author of Sejarah Melayu (Malay Annals)...see below.

Tun Seri Lanang (TSL)
He was born in 1565 in Seluyut, Johor.

In 1612 at the request of Sultan Abdullah (later to become Sultan Abdullah Mu,ayat Shah) TSL is instructed to write Sejarah Melayu (Malay Annals) . He finished this great book in Acheh prison few years later.

In 2001, The Malay Annals was listed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme International Register.

Below is what TSL wrote about chess in Malacca, in one of the chapter of Sejarah Melayu.

Sekali persetua ada seorang, Tun Bahara namanya, orang Pasai, ia datang ke Melaka, Maka Tun Bahara itu pandai terlalu ia bermain catur, tiada siapa menyamai dia pada zaman itu. Maka bercaturlah Tun Bahara itu dengan orang Melaka. Lawannya itu berfikir, ia tiada fikir, pandang kiri, pandang kanan, sambil ia bersyair, dan berbait, dan bergurindam, dan serseloka. Serta sudah ia berperang, berjalan tiada dengan berfikir lagi, terlalu bangat. Maka segala orang yang tahu-tahu bercatur, semuanya alah olehnya, seorang tiada dapat melawan dia, melainkan Tun Pikrama, anak Bendahara Paduka Raja; ia juga yang dapat sedikit melawan Tun Bahara itu , tetapi jikalau lalai Tun Pikrama, digelarkan oleh Tun Bahara itu 'sayur keladi', dan jika Tun Bahara membuang sebiji bidak ujung jua pun, alah pula Tun Bahara oleh Tun Pikrama, itulah yang tahu bercatur,

Tun Bahara, a Pasaian, came to Malacca and beat everybody there by just blitzing his moves and without a need to concentrate on his game.

The only Malaccan that able to give decent fight to him is Tun Pikrama in which Tun Bahara could not dare playing by giving pawn odd because Tun Bahara will lose

My thoughts
How I wished is TSL could record one of the Tun Bahara’s or Tun Pikrama’s game! Are they e4 or d4 player? Maybe whetever defense/opening they played, we can claim as our own discovery…Melaka Defense?

So we have chess history that span over 400 hundreds year old…wow!

400 years!
Thousands and thousands of players…wow!
Million of games!
Billion of moves! GM...sob, sob!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Above picture is taken with permission from Gilocatur’s blog. On his posting he wondered what am i thinking when watching this game...

Am i going to write a book “How to beat IM Mashafizul for dummies”?

Nah...that Hairulov’s specialty...

Well, actually i was thinking of going closer to the table to see the action clearer but i was afraid that Mas is going to give me a look, a killer look like what Kasparov did below, when one unlucky arbiter came closer to his table...and Najib might gave me that Korchnoi’s shrug...


So i continued watching the game at safe distant...

Better safe than sorry.