Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today Chess Odyssey celebrate its one year old birthday!

How time flies! What actually begin as my plan to get additional income (didn't Nuffnang is now collecting only RM2 ) and answering Jimmy's challenge (he once posted an article asking a new blogger to stop blogging if it just 'cut n paste' and did not write something original about chess...give me idea to write something different from what being commonly being blog at that time), now already one year old!

To mark its first year in the cyberworld, i have done some minor cosmetic changes
  • Add 5 additional blogs under my blog roll.
  • Add that earth moon phase always amuse me
  • Change my picture :) Chess and chess blogging sometimes could be nasty and not wish to drag my family to it...
  • Thinking of changing the background but it just doesn't seems right with my blog 'personality' if there is such a thing...imagine having a green Ferrari...
To all readers, thanks for the supports, both on and off the cyberworld.

May God continued to give me strength, time and idea to continue writing.


  1. You are one year old? Never noticed that. Yes, time really do fly. Keep up the originality.

  2. Happy Birthday Chess Odyssey!

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog. I was surprised. I thought it was just a few months old.

    Anyway, don't give up on trying to make money from blogs. You can see my content is pretty useless and not very original. Pictures of my food, the trivial things I do etc. and I still make a couple of hundred - enough to pay for one or two years hosting of my website.

    Original bloggers like you should be and will be making more money than I ever could. :)

  4. Happy Birthday 2010 Chess Odyssey. May be you can throw away '2010' from your blog title.

  5. Always admire the content of your blog and I want to read more.

  6. Dear all,

    Thanks for the comments/wishes.