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The Experiment
In 1985 Victor Korchnoi played one chess game with Geza Maroczy that took 7 years to finish.
What unique about this game is Geza Maroczy, Hungarian chess player, died in 1951! Korchnoi played with ghost of Maroczy.
The game is a psychic experiment and was reported by Dr. Wolfgang Eisenbeiss and Dieter Hassler in the April 2006 issue of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.
Maroczy moves were written by Robert Rollans, an automatic-writing trance medium who was living in Germany. Rollans was chosen as he did not know how to play chess and was willing to participate without remuneration.
After 47 moves, Maroczy resigned and according to Korchnoi ‘During the opening phase Mar√≥czy showed weakness,’ ‘His play is old-fashioned.'

The Believers
During game, 92 questions have been posed to Maroczy, he managed to answer all. 85 of his answers manage to be verified as correct while other 7 could not be verified.
Maroczy plays is old fashioned. Weak in opening theory but strong in endgame, rook ending. Marozcy’s trademark.
Rollans, a Romanian, do not know Hungarian language but communicate throughout the game in Hungarian language.

The Sceptics
During 7 years time, Rollans might get help from books, computers or any strong players.
Korchnoi is a known believer to paranormal science. He is not a neutral person in this experiment.
Nobody knows what are the 92 questions being asked to ‘Maroczy’.
The whole experiment is not done in controlled environment.

The Game
White:Maroczy/Robert Rollans

The Trivia
Before the game, Korchnoi indicate he wants to play with either Capablanca, Keres or Maroczy. Unfortunately Capablanca and Keres are uncontactable, so he played with Marozcy instead.

Medium, Rollans, died few weeks after the game finished.

The Unrelated
Below is a video showing Korchnoi playing another 'non human'.


With Korchnoi the terrible,
anything is possible!

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