Sunday, December 23, 2012

MY 2013 WISH LIST...

1. To see Malaysian player breached FIDE 2400 again Malaysian player is now rated below 2400

2. To see Li Tian breached 2300 
This one, like 13th General election, i am really sure is going to happen next year!

3. To see more ‘transparent’ MCF 
MCF that is able to explain his action/ inaction rather than keep on ‘silo’...maybe a first step is in letting public know what will be the agenda for this January AGM... last i check this one is not covered under Official Secret Act or of National Security...

4. To see a new and sexy DATCC 
DATCC is the flag bearer to Malaysian chess centers. A little ‘plastic surgery’, ‘Botox’ will be great to make it looks more ‘desireable’, more ‘inviting’ to non Chess Republic’s passport holder. To us a chess citizen...once there is board, pieces and clock...the rest is of little important!

5. To see there is a second Kasugi Team Championship... 
Arguably one of the best local event this year (based from prizes, participants, accomodations etc). If there is one being plan, Mr Kasugi...may i suggest a bigger venue...and if lunch is provided...err, to appoint other caterer...( Do it yourselflah, Ilham, you talk so much)...Hey, i heard that!

1. To take part in 4 Fide rated tournaments 
Selangor Open, National Closed, KL Open and Penang Open are strong candidates...

2. To take part in 12 local tournaments...and finished better than my initial seeding.
...and in the process at least covered the entrance fee.

3. To push my Fide rating to above ELO 2000 
Now mine is 1994...6 points more and it will mean save a few hundred buck to participate in Fide rated events that normally 'fee discriminate' to players rated below F2k

4. To (finally) receive my monthly ‘gift’ from Insofar 
They must be very busy...

5. To post at least 52 postings at my blog 
One posting a week...i think possible!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


I was deeply saddened to know about the passing of Cikgu Sabirin Sulaiman, his wife Puan Halina Said and his two daughters,  Siti Aishah Sabirin and Siti Khadijah Sabirin who involved in a fatal accident involving bus at 1 am this morning...on their way back after taking part in a 3C chess tournament at Subang Jaya.

 Cikgu Sabirin,as he fondly a Terengganu Chess Association’s Secretary, a Japanese language teacher and if i am not mistaken both Aishah and Khadijah were born at Japan.

Both late Siti Aishah and Siti Khadijah are a strong junior chess players, having took part in many national and events...and yesterday, Siti Khadijah won best under 12 (few weeks earlier she scored 5As in her UPSR)...

Such a loss for chess, especially for the Terengganu chess.

My sincere condolences at this sad time and may all of them be among those He blessed...Al Fatihah.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sorry this is old news...last month I took part in CAS 4Q Tournament. This CAS 4Q is really a 40 tournament…there are 40 players that took part in section 1 and 40 players took part in section 2...on average took about 40 minutes to finish a game... Entrance fee for me? RM40!

Hairulov is here but he did not take part but can be seen looking with great interest of game played by his son, Ilhan Mansiz Hairul. Yeoh Li Tian, Fadli, Fariz Safruddin, Jax Tham are few regular players taking part.

Winner is Yeoh Li Tian. I was seeded number 3 and finished 2nd …and bring home more than RM40 second place prize money!

I say... good things in life began at 40!

Mohd Fadzil Nayan
One of the most active (and most successful) local player today is Mohd Fadzil Nayan. Weeks in and weeks out, he can be seen playing in local circuits everywhere and finished top three in most of it and directly raking in few hundred dollars...kachingg!!

But it was not just due to monetary rewards, few weeks ago he took part in Sukan University and scored a massive 10.5 out of 11! A national service he done to his university.

Last week he was second at Insofar behind Udani. Next week he will take part in Perak Closed...simple words, everywhere!

I say... you better know how to fill up the tax form!

Blogs War
For umpteenth time, blog wars erupted again last week between the usual bloggers but this time around… with different twist! MCF is acknowledging the Open Letter raised by IM Jimmy Liew!

It is going to be interesting to see what action MCF will do, will MCF investigate it and asked party involved to explain?... Will MCF just acknowledge the Open Letter (and do nothing about it)? It will be interesting to see since this will be a landmark case, a precedent, for issues raised to MCF in future.
Again, to me MCF should not only responds on issues raised by Jimmy, MCF should also responds on issues raised by Raymond Siew as well... then its fair to everybody. Fair to Jimmy...Fair to Raymond.

Just like any organizations or corporates that worth its name will immediately respond if there is slightest inaccuracy of the report/news no matter who raised it (as long as not on the P&C matter). ..Just my opinion. 

I say...lets get the soda and popcorn ready!

DATCC Renovation
Najib announced during recently concluded INSOFAR that DATCC will go through renovation next month. At the end of the renovation there will be a new entrance door, a new rest area (complete with WiFi and Astro - Hopefully its subscribe to Beyond!), a room to conduct classes and playing hall that will be limited to only 120 players and etcetera.

DATCC will also started offering membership with benefits, among others, are discounts on tournament fee, discounts on merchandise, a use of member’s room etc.

You just need to be there to see how passionate Najib is with this new development…its contagious and since I consider DATCC as my second home…any improvement is most welcome.  

I say... lets have a chess library at DATCC! …and high heels librarian is most welcome too!

Next Posting: Insofar November
I say...aisey man!

Saturday, October 27, 2012






"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep on moving" - Albert Einstein

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The Journey
At about 3am in the morning, I make a move from Setiawangsa and drove my new Saga (my SLK, small Little Kancil's  replacement) to Dungun…hence began my 800kms blitz journey to take part in Dungun Blitz Tournament.

By 6am I reached Cherating…perfect! From the window of my car I could almost saw activities taken place inside those small wooden houses…mother preparing kopi o…father waking up son or daughter for morning (Subuh) prayer…and kids who are trying 1001 tricks to continue sleeping…

At 7am I stopped at Kemaman for Nasi Dagang and Nescafe Ice. My WXK car plate number and me reading News Strait Times (instead of Harakah) and I did not spoke in Terengganu language…when its time to pay, I was told the price is 8 bucks. 8 bucks?! Instantly I know this makcik tried to rob me alive and instantly too I queried her back in my flawless ( I think) Terengganu language.
Me: lapang riya? Oo woh , guaner yang ma’ha ngak? (8 bucks? How come it is so expensive?)
Makcik: Ehh, saloh…li’mer riya jer (Opps mistake…Its actually only 5 bucks)

…Ever since that I just continue using my rusty Terengganu language to safeguard myself against possible dual tourist pricing.

At 9am having my second round of breakfast with Arshad and Razief. This time it is Nasi Minyak. Yes, in Terengganu we have Nasi Minyak for breakfast

The Tournament
22 players took part in this tournament. One thing unique that I saw it here is you don’t have to fill up any form or write down your name etc to register…just go there, pay RM10 entrance fee (That’s right, RM10 only…far cry from one  future weekend rapid event in which entrance fee is RM100!) and you are in…everybody knows everybody here.

Its 13 round event and result (top 3) is as below.
1     1. Norazmi (11.5 points), RM200
2     2. Nor Ilhamuddin (10 points), RM150
3     3. Mohd Arshad (10 points), RM100

For records prizes are up to number 10 with several special prizes thrown in.

Tournament ends at about 1.30 pm and after having lunch with Rahim, Gambit, Arshad, Indera and few others, I drove back to KL and stopped along the way to buy Sata, Keropok Lekor etc (and do the conversation in Terengganu language of course), I reached home at about 8pm…just in time for dinner.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Gelfand vs Shirov

This is a game in which we should not let beginners to see it because it might create false impression that moving lots of pawns in chess is a good is not.

Well, exception if your name is Shirov and your are from Latvia.

First watch this game when i was a student at Sintok in mid 90' a time when you have to pay RM10 to enter a weekend tournament that offer a first prize of RM300 ofcourse the situation has improved...have to pay RM30 for a weekend tournament with a first prize of RM300!

Linares 1993

Sunday, September 30, 2012


How could i no say to a tournament in which once i entered. regardless of result, i am ensure of RM500 in 'scholarship' form?

So that is why yesterday, i took part in Insofar September Edition (My 3rd Insofars in a row) and in doing that securing RM500 (RM5 for next 100 months).

All in all, 28 players took part...a low turnout for weekend event...not sure why but i think must be due to lack of publicity (there is some but a bit last minute, i guess) ... a blessing actually for chess players :) since there will be no que at the toilet and a higher chances of winning something but on the other side, this tournament has been shorten to 6 rounds instead of previously planned 7.

Najib is the arbiter.

First seeded is Sumant and second seeded is Zaidan. Among regular players are Syazwan, Jax Tham and Chek Kin Keuw.

I am seeded under 6 and as usual hope that i could finished better than number 6. At the end of the tournament, achieved my aim (finished 5th) winning 4 games and lost 2 ( to Sumant and Mok)...wait, Mok is playing?...No, not that IM Mok but his 12 years old daughter, Mok Shu Zing.

Poor Mok Shu Zing when everybody like asked her twice about this result...Are you sure you won? Are you sure you beat Ilham? Her reply is ...Why everybody don't believe that i won?

Oppss! :)

Congratulation Mok Shu Zing!

For record top 3 finishers are ZZ, SS and KK (Zaidan Zulkifli, Sumant Subramaniam and Kin Keuw)

  • Thanks to Sumant who after our game he shared some of his opening knowledge. I shall remember that but ofcourse, need to verify that first!
  • Thanks to IM Mok who shared few stories about Turkey Olympiad.
  • Thanks to ZZ for the Nescaffe Ice!
  • Thanks to Insofar, which i believe in next 60 months, will consistently and punctually credited my Maybank account with RM 10 (RM5 plus previous RM5 that i won in July Edition..Jangan lupa ya!) 

Sunday, September 23, 2012


The latest chess 'Grand Slam'
In golf there are 4 tournaments that are considered as Majors ( US Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championship)

In tennis, there are also 4 tournaments that are considered as Grand Slam (US Open, Wimbledon, French Open and Australia Open)

In Malaysia chess, to me, there are also 4 tournaments that could be considered as The Major or The Grand Slam... Not in particular order, Selangor Open, National Closed, Penang Open, DATCC Datuk Arthur Tan Malaysia Open and KL Open (or now known as DYTM Raja Nazrin Shah International Open)

Correction:Agreed with Najib (See comment below) that National Closed is best to be replace with Penang Open.

DYTM Raja Nazrin Shah International Open
While his three peers (maybe with exception of Penang Open) are...for lack of better word.... 'struggling' ( Financial/ Sponsorship problems...lack of strong players took part...change to unrated rapid etc), Raja Nazrin Shah Open is just getting stronger and stronger. For this year edition, they managed to rope in GM Sergey Tiviakov...a world class player and once a member of Russian Olympiad Team and former European Champion.

Of interest to me about this tournament are:
Lim Zhuo Ren
Seeded 33 and finished at respectable 34, he is a fighter with no draws. Resultwise, a bit of dissapointment here (especially after such a great Olympiad outing) because he did not manage to get the  IM norm and maybe lost some rating points here.

Lim Chuin Hong.
Malaysia flag bearer, seeded 24 and finished at 29. What an outing for him, after a steady win,draw, win, draw, win, draw...that put him among the leader...unfortunately, he lost his last two rounds game...sayang betul! a good doctor he is, he will surely find medicine to this and we can expect him to come back stronger in his next international outing.

Ng Tze Han
Former National Champion, he makes a comeback via this tournament, seeded 25 and finished 20, he is the best Malaysian in this event and shows that  he still did not lose any of his Caissa touch.

For record GM Tiviakov is the champ with 7 points out of 9, same point (but better tie beak) with GM Barbosa

Initially plan to take part in this event but due to unfortunate cruel twist of last minute events resulting in me need to give this event a pass...sigh! :(

Last but not least
Congratulation to Peter Long who manage to again organising this event successfully...with string of elite players and sponsors... and a steady covering at international websites and Bernama too!  

Najib's report on this event here shows that almost who's who of Malaysian chess is there at the tournament...I'll surely missed this event.

Once again, congratulation Peter Long! 



Saturday, September 15, 2012


Last week I went to a place that is dangerous to my cash (or credit card, depend), a book shop at one of Malaysia’s shopping heaven.

I had this conversation with a pretty shop assistant , who seems very much eager to help, wide smile, straight teeth, standing tall, active eye contact, a sweet smell of perfume etc (sorry, cannot go much detail here... to avoid domestic World War 3)

The Conversation
Me: Hi
Her: Hi
Me: Where is chess book?
Her: Oh, jazz book…music is on that section sir.
Me: No, not jazz, chess!chess book! Book on chess opening!
This time moving my hand to indicate making a chess move and stressing the word ‘Chess’…sorry girl, if this has cause afternoon shower to you. Anyway she looked confused before replying.

Her: Chest opening !? Err, Let me check…not sure whether we have advanced medical book here.
Me:No, not chest opening. Chess! Chess!... Never mind, where can I found book on poker?
Her: There, sir. That section
Me:Thank you

…since normally we can find chess books, side by side with poker books. No wonder why many chess players played poker.

But then again, to avoid all this we can always buy books from our fellow chess players…Mok, Jax Tham, Mat Arshad, Fadli Zakaria etc…not only cheaper, we can get free advice on what is good for us too! Lucky for us, As at now, they yet to charge on advice what book is good for their potential buyer

...and no, i don't get any commission from them on this posting (though i welcome if they want to give me some).

This posting is about the conversation that we have had and will have again in future in our quest to improve doing what we love chess!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The E-mail
Few days before Raya i received an e-mail from CAS. I was kind of surprise because CAS has been quite inactive (save for once a year Selangor Open), there and then i replied to the e-mail informing Tse Pin...register me in! Only then i look at my calendar and luckily i have no agenda on 9th September 2012! Invest first, investigate later...don't follow!

So there i am on 9th DATCC...taking part in CAS 3rd Quarter Allegro.

The Fee
Entrance fee is a bit high (RM40) but since i take it that this will be use to activate CAS activities again, i don't mind paying.

The Tournament
In 1st category, there are 24 players taking part and among the notable one is Chuin Hong, Kamaluddin Yusof, Jax Tham, Syazwan etc. I am seeded number 6 and as usual, i hope i could finished better than number 6.

In 2nd category, there are about 80 plus players, mostly kids, but there is also a few grandfathers also took part!

Jange Maroh, kawe gura' jah :) 

On category 1, at the end of the race, a pinoy player, Nelson Villanueva emerged champ with 5 points out of 6. Dr Ronnie is 2nd, also 5 points and myself third, with 4.5 points
 Of interest 
The winner, Nelson is actually seeded last (he did not declared his rating to CAS)

In a crucial round 5, top of the table clash, Dr Ronnie lost to Nelson when he overpressed his position...who wouldn't..Ronnie's position is simply overwhelming during mid game.

Tse Pin, with his booming voice, could be heard advising players, Section 2 mostly-
"Don't take chess pieces"
"After finished doing your 'business' at the toilet, please flush!"
...and my favourite Tse Pin's quotes " Don't play too fast!"...well, aren't this what we, Mr Hubby always being told to do! :)

Several personality makes cameo appearance...CM Fadli, Raymond Siew, Yeoh Chin Seng, Ezmi etc.

It is the only tournament that i played in this 21st century that did not mentioned about handphone's ruling!

 Player that attract most attention is young Gabriel Bick.(USCF Rating 1966)-i estimate his age to be about 12 years old... displaying such confident and drawing his game against Jax Tham and Kamaluddin Yusof and beating Syazwan and Fariz among others! Unfortunately he did not finished among prize winner, lost to yours truly and Lim Kian Hwa in his last 2 rounds.

Good outing for me. Won 4 games, lost one (to Dr Chuin Hong) and draw one (with winner, Nelson V).

Achieved my aim of finishing better than number 6. 

Monday, September 10, 2012


In General
Malaysian Men Team performed better than expectation. We are seeded at number 86 and finished at number 64, a beautiful number to a chess players...a beautiful ranking to be for Malaysian team.

Record Breaking
Several records have been broken...

Most Olympiad Outings
IM Mok increased his Olympiad outing records from 8 to 9.

Most Olympiad games played
IM Mok increased his Olympiad games records from 85 to 95. One more Olympiad and IM Mok will hit a century.

Most decisive personal encounter.
IM Mok's win against GM Loek van Wely (Elo 2691). Previously it was Mas' won against GM Korchnoi (Elo 2611)

Most Elo gains
Lim Zhuo Ren...61.

Best Olympiad performance?
With performance of 2503, is IM Mok performance at Turkey 2012 is the best ever?...Sorry Mok, it is not. Ng Ek Leong/Teong performance at Dubai 1986 is 2510. 

For record, Zhuo Ren's performance is 2500.

IM Mok
Mok is doing what Malaysian has not been doing for a long time...a run for GM norm. With a good  start...2.5 points againt 4 GMs...unfortunately a few fighting losses (he must have over pressed himself) during mid rounds have cost him the GM norm dearly.

Still his wins against GM Loek van Wely is a legend stuff that will be discussed and talked for years to come...

On live Malaysian Rating, IM Mok is now Malaysia number one with 2373.

IM Jimmy
Not one of the good outing for Jimmy. He lost a few ratings here. I suspect...being a captain, he surely spent more times preparing his team member's games then preparing his own.

IM Yee Weng
IM Yee Weng performed better than expectation. Scoring 5.5 out 10 of, he gains 13 elo points...and moved his ranking from Malaysian number 5 to number 4.

There are lots of excitement in Yee Weng's games (as to be expected from Dragon's rider) that keep me glued to the chess engine to know what is going bon since without it, i was just totally lost in the sea of complications...

Li Tian
Li Tian's lost some points here but for Olympiad rookie...his performance is not that bad. To be in the tournament in which you played Kramnik's Catalan...only a few metres from Kramnik can simple be awe by the occassion.

Still it is a good learning experience for him and this I believed, will make him stronger.

Lim Zhuo Ren
What can I say to someone who on in his first Olympiad adventure...gained FM title and IM norm in a single journey...gained a massive 61 points elo points....and the best part is, he make it looks oh, so easy...

LZR performance reminds me of Usain Bolt's 100M dash...slow start (2 draws and a lost) before blitzing off with 6 wins!...a bit of show off there, 'sacking' his first few rounds but still achieved the norm :)

But knowing him (ever notice, now everybody claimed to know LZR...myself include :) ), he is a humble young man.

All i can say, Zhuo Ren, twenty...thirty years from now when Malaysian chess citizen already forgot the points, ranking and maybe name of players of Malaysian Team that took part in 2012 Turkey Olympiad (hopefully they will not forgot about bloggers that wrote about it...)...things that they will remember, still remember, about 2012 Olympiad is an Olympiad in which you, NM Zhuo Ren, Olympiad's first timer boy that went to Turkey to fight and come back home two weeks after that, bruised, scars all a warrior.

For all this and more...congratulations FM (Fighting Machine) Lim Zhuo Ren! 

Friday, September 7, 2012


The Start 
Malaysian Olympiad Team...due to its very 'humble and polite' average rating, alway seeded somewhere at the middle of the ranking...or sometimes maybe at top 75% of the team if there is not so many teams.

This normally leads to yo-yo performance during the first few rounds...before stabilizing somewhat during the middle rounds. A good example is during 2006 Turin Olympiad at in which:
First Round: Lost 0-4 to Spain
Second Round: Won 4-0 against Honduras
Third Round: Lost 0-4 to Slovenia
Fourth Round: Won 4-0 against Angola

Forgive me for initially thought that we will continue this pattern...lost, won, lost, won...and with IM Mas not on board this time around... who knows, will it be lost, lost, won, lost !?

...and how i was wrong..and pleasantly surprise...that this year Olympiad is different...we managed to hold our own amateur 'kampung team' against a strong, professional, world class team...and even when we lost...Boy! we damn sure gave them a hard time!

Example is on the very first round...some say we performed well against a not so strong Netherland (maybe based on Netherland's round 2 or 3 result)...I say, after being grilled by Malaysian's Tigers in the first round, they are not able to recover and still in state of shocks, few rounds after!

GM Loek...being maimed by Tiger Mok, only recovered on 4th round.

 A very good starts that makes even the ardent critiquer of Jimmy's suddenly mentioned that he did not hate Jimmy...and suddenly fully supportive of the team....

(Unfortunately after another more rounds in which fortunes swings expected to happen to every teams over a long run, even to Russian Team...suddenly yeah, still supportive... but with a naughty words sprinkled in...Jimmy shoud be replace...Li Tian not yet ready....hmm, i guess not really good ethique to critic players that are still in the field playing for country...huffing, puffing, shaking...bloods, sweats, tears all over... that it is a mistake to have them in a team...well, just my opinion)

The Target 
I don't know about Malaysian target in this Olympiad. usual...remain consistent in maintaining 'elegant silent', as they say in politic or 'China Wall of information' as they say in Finance

So allow me to set the target to Malaysian Team.

OK, since we are seeded at number 86, should we finished top 80 is good, top 70 is excellent and we have very good chances to finish top 70 since our opponent in the last round is Thailand (Team that is seeded number 109) and now we are already inside top 80 bracket!

The Next Posting 
Personal View: Malaysian Players (Men) at the Olympiad

Friday, August 24, 2012


Olympic seasons...

Last month we have Summer Olympic...this month we will be participating Chess Olympic (Olympiad)...and next month, September, we will be gathering at Hotel Olympic, venue for KLCA International.

No surprise if in October, we will be having Olympic hangover, having consumed so much Olympics over the last 3 months...:)

Talk about Olympics, or specifically Chess Olympiad...cannot help to notice and compare that:
  • During ancient times, war stopped during Olympic Malaysia, war erupted during Olympic season.
  • During ancient times, Olympic participants were giving peace...war stopped so that the Olympic convoys could travel to the venue Malaysia, Olympic teams were attacked right and left...were disturbed and questioned at almost every moves they make and at every moves they don't make
  • During ancient times, Olympic participation is a hero, regardless of the Malaysia, Olympic participation were labelled as coward and God knows what else...even before a single pawn is being push

We maybe angry at the system, the lack of it...maybe angry at MCF...maybe angry at the players themselves, old history,...  but under the Olympic Spirit...I urge, give them peace and let them participate peacefully. There is always time for postmortem after Olympic...lets not do the postmortem even before the game started...

They are the hope of nation, it is at their broad shoulders ( ok, and one tiny shoulder) lies our hope.

To Malaysian Chess Sparta,

In a few days time you will be playing chess in 'hell', everybody is after your throat.

Chess Odyssey will be fighting to the last ounce of your strength!

Good luck and all the best!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


GM Rogelio Antonio is the champ and Malaysian's wonder kid, 11 year old Li Tian, is tenth...beating Mok Tze Meng in the last round. Li Tian just keep growing up, literally and chessically, in every tournament he played.

Nokia Gambit claimed its second victims a game between IM Giam and Andrew 'Gilachess'...IM Giam is executing a combination that will be resulting in material advantage when suddenly his phone ring!...He mentioned to Andrew that it is up to him whether he want to claim a win or not and Andrew decide not to claim...Chief Arbiter Najib went to a crime scene and awarded a win to Andrew.

Outside of the hall, opinions varied whether arbiter got the right to 'interfere' with the game in progress. Side A claimed that phone rings...just like illegal moves or mate or even checkmate...should be left to players to decide whether they want to claimed a win out of it. Side B claimed that phone not like illegal moves or is different animal...arbiter got the right to interfere and awarded a win to the lucky player.

I am more of the Side B...what Najib did is correct. Furthermore he has mentioned almost before every round that 'phone ring you lost, whether your opponent claimed it or not'.

I scored only half a point out of two and finished with 6 points out of 11. I drew against Nelson Mariano but lost to Efren (again) in the penultimate round.


A fun event which is dominated by Pinoy players. Top 8 players...all Philippines!

Interesting scenarios
In one game players misplaced their king and queen and only realize it during the game...Arbiter said continue playing...and player who misplaced the bed position of king and queen lost the right to castle.

Li Tian, in almost equal position, offered a draw to his opponent that have like 3 seconds left (Li Tian still got around 30 seconds plus) Wow! while i respect his 'gentleman act'...a bit concerned on his killer instint...but then again it is only blitz.

For record Li Tian still finished top 16 (13 if i am not mistaken).

Champion is GM he is R&B King!...Rapid and Blitz, not Rhythm and Blues...but having collected RM5,500 so far and believe he will collect another few thousand in Team event and maybe on second Blitz event on Saturday...cannot blame him if he is celebrating his Rhythm and Blues moment now!

I scored 5 points out of 11 and finished at don't know what number...:)

In the meantime allows me to enjoy my R&B moment now...Rest and Breakfast!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Day 2 Simple Report 
Peter Long can be seen here today, analysing games, engaging into animated discussion with Dato Tan Chin Nam etc…Dr Ronnie Lim is also here today

The only gambit that is not covered by MCO…a notorious Nokia Gambit…rear its ugly head today and claimed its victim...Nicholas Chan!…What a pity…Nicholas stood a good chance of winning the game (his opponent is ‘only’ a 21++ player) . Anyway even though he lost this game, he still remains the best Malaysian with 6.5 points.

The upset today is Jimmy Liew lost to Foo Chee Kin. Congratulations Chee Kin.

Achieved my aim to get 3.5 today…In fact I got 4! Won 3 games and drew another two.

Target for today
• to get at least a point from 2 rounds.
• to finish top 16 in Blitz!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Morning...Not feeling very well…stomach ache. Not sure whether it is due to the overdose Lemangs consumed yesterday or breakfast at the only Mamak Restaurant that open today.

Players meeting 
 Players meeting were conducted by Mr Hamid and Mr Najib. Among matters discuss are:
• No waiting time.
• Selection of Appeals Committee.
• Appeals Deposit. RM100.But later I saw RM200 is the amount to make an Official Appeal…hopefully tomorrow it will not be RM300.
• The result will not be submitted to FIDE for rapid rating purposes due to ‘uncertainty’.

For feedback, Datuk Tan Chin Nam, during his speech, asked players whether they are interested in Classical or Rapid format…majority prefers Classical.

Saw Andrew ‘Gilachess’, almost did not recognised him…not sure whether it is due to the crew cut or due to leaner and thinner him, or both! ..and Nicholas a crew cut! :)

What happened 
So far top Malaysian players are performing well. Scoring 3.5 or 3 points out of 4. Hopefully they can continue this momentum tomorrow.

Sumant beats GM Gomez (2539)…and RM100 richer!

Nicholas Chan and Li Tian looks in good form and set to be among the best Malaysian.

Initially I am seeded number 57…then in second round I am seeded number 61…in the afternoon I am seeded number 63. Lets see whether tomorrow my seeded will be change to 65.

First round I am playing against a pretty Indonesian girl with a pretty name and pretty opening knowledge. Her name is Indah Bulan Firmantry and in between lashing out sweet smile...and batting out eyelashes...she lashed out 22 solid Giucco Piano opening theory. She got the upper hand…I found a counterplay…she offered a draw (she did not called me Pakcik)… I accepted. Ofcourse if she called me Abang I will immediately resigned! :)

 Second round I played against a Philippine player, Largo Bengt, that looks like a young Manny ‘Pacman’. I lost in the rook ending.

Third round I got lucky against Malaysian. Lum Zhun Hoong,... 2 pawns down but managed to swindle my opponent. :)

Fourth round I played against another Indonesian lady, Dian Cheri Stefani, Disaster! A solid one piece up but later lost…I don’t believe it!! It is game like these that you just want to quit chess for goods.

Grrrrrrr! :(

Target for tomorrow: 3.5 out of 5.