Sunday, September 30, 2012


How could i no say to a tournament in which once i entered. regardless of result, i am ensure of RM500 in 'scholarship' form?

So that is why yesterday, i took part in Insofar September Edition (My 3rd Insofars in a row) and in doing that securing RM500 (RM5 for next 100 months).

All in all, 28 players took part...a low turnout for weekend event...not sure why but i think must be due to lack of publicity (there is some but a bit last minute, i guess) ... a blessing actually for chess players :) since there will be no que at the toilet and a higher chances of winning something but on the other side, this tournament has been shorten to 6 rounds instead of previously planned 7.

Najib is the arbiter.

First seeded is Sumant and second seeded is Zaidan. Among regular players are Syazwan, Jax Tham and Chek Kin Keuw.

I am seeded under 6 and as usual hope that i could finished better than number 6. At the end of the tournament, achieved my aim (finished 5th) winning 4 games and lost 2 ( to Sumant and Mok)...wait, Mok is playing?...No, not that IM Mok but his 12 years old daughter, Mok Shu Zing.

Poor Mok Shu Zing when everybody like asked her twice about this result...Are you sure you won? Are you sure you beat Ilham? Her reply is ...Why everybody don't believe that i won?

Oppss! :)

Congratulation Mok Shu Zing!

For record top 3 finishers are ZZ, SS and KK (Zaidan Zulkifli, Sumant Subramaniam and Kin Keuw)

  • Thanks to Sumant who after our game he shared some of his opening knowledge. I shall remember that but ofcourse, need to verify that first!
  • Thanks to IM Mok who shared few stories about Turkey Olympiad.
  • Thanks to ZZ for the Nescaffe Ice!
  • Thanks to Insofar, which i believe in next 60 months, will consistently and punctually credited my Maybank account with RM 10 (RM5 plus previous RM5 that i won in July Edition..Jangan lupa ya!) 

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