Saturday, September 15, 2012


Last week I went to a place that is dangerous to my cash (or credit card, depend), a book shop at one of Malaysia’s shopping heaven.

I had this conversation with a pretty shop assistant , who seems very much eager to help, wide smile, straight teeth, standing tall, active eye contact, a sweet smell of perfume etc (sorry, cannot go much detail here... to avoid domestic World War 3)

The Conversation
Me: Hi
Her: Hi
Me: Where is chess book?
Her: Oh, jazz book…music is on that section sir.
Me: No, not jazz, chess!chess book! Book on chess opening!
This time moving my hand to indicate making a chess move and stressing the word ‘Chess’…sorry girl, if this has cause afternoon shower to you. Anyway she looked confused before replying.

Her: Chest opening !? Err, Let me check…not sure whether we have advanced medical book here.
Me:No, not chest opening. Chess! Chess!... Never mind, where can I found book on poker?
Her: There, sir. That section
Me:Thank you

…since normally we can find chess books, side by side with poker books. No wonder why many chess players played poker.

But then again, to avoid all this we can always buy books from our fellow chess players…Mok, Jax Tham, Mat Arshad, Fadli Zakaria etc…not only cheaper, we can get free advice on what is good for us too! Lucky for us, As at now, they yet to charge on advice what book is good for their potential buyer

...and no, i don't get any commission from them on this posting (though i welcome if they want to give me some).

This posting is about the conversation that we have had and will have again in future in our quest to improve doing what we love chess!