Sunday, December 23, 2012

MY 2013 WISH LIST...

1. To see Malaysian player breached FIDE 2400 again Malaysian player is now rated below 2400

2. To see Li Tian breached 2300 
This one, like 13th General election, i am really sure is going to happen next year!

3. To see more ‘transparent’ MCF 
MCF that is able to explain his action/ inaction rather than keep on ‘silo’...maybe a first step is in letting public know what will be the agenda for this January AGM... last i check this one is not covered under Official Secret Act or of National Security...

4. To see a new and sexy DATCC 
DATCC is the flag bearer to Malaysian chess centers. A little ‘plastic surgery’, ‘Botox’ will be great to make it looks more ‘desireable’, more ‘inviting’ to non Chess Republic’s passport holder. To us a chess citizen...once there is board, pieces and clock...the rest is of little important!

5. To see there is a second Kasugi Team Championship... 
Arguably one of the best local event this year (based from prizes, participants, accomodations etc). If there is one being plan, Mr Kasugi...may i suggest a bigger venue...and if lunch is provided...err, to appoint other caterer...( Do it yourselflah, Ilham, you talk so much)...Hey, i heard that!

1. To take part in 4 Fide rated tournaments 
Selangor Open, National Closed, KL Open and Penang Open are strong candidates...

2. To take part in 12 local tournaments...and finished better than my initial seeding.
...and in the process at least covered the entrance fee.

3. To push my Fide rating to above ELO 2000 
Now mine is 1994...6 points more and it will mean save a few hundred buck to participate in Fide rated events that normally 'fee discriminate' to players rated below F2k

4. To (finally) receive my monthly ‘gift’ from Insofar 
They must be very busy...

5. To post at least 52 postings at my blog 
One posting a week...i think possible!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


I was deeply saddened to know about the passing of Cikgu Sabirin Sulaiman, his wife Puan Halina Said and his two daughters,  Siti Aishah Sabirin and Siti Khadijah Sabirin who involved in a fatal accident involving bus at 1 am this morning...on their way back after taking part in a 3C chess tournament at Subang Jaya.

 Cikgu Sabirin,as he fondly a Terengganu Chess Association’s Secretary, a Japanese language teacher and if i am not mistaken both Aishah and Khadijah were born at Japan.

Both late Siti Aishah and Siti Khadijah are a strong junior chess players, having took part in many national and events...and yesterday, Siti Khadijah won best under 12 (few weeks earlier she scored 5As in her UPSR)...

Such a loss for chess, especially for the Terengganu chess.

My sincere condolences at this sad time and may all of them be among those He blessed...Al Fatihah.