Wednesday, August 22, 2012


GM Rogelio Antonio is the champ and Malaysian's wonder kid, 11 year old Li Tian, is tenth...beating Mok Tze Meng in the last round. Li Tian just keep growing up, literally and chessically, in every tournament he played.

Nokia Gambit claimed its second victims a game between IM Giam and Andrew 'Gilachess'...IM Giam is executing a combination that will be resulting in material advantage when suddenly his phone ring!...He mentioned to Andrew that it is up to him whether he want to claim a win or not and Andrew decide not to claim...Chief Arbiter Najib went to a crime scene and awarded a win to Andrew.

Outside of the hall, opinions varied whether arbiter got the right to 'interfere' with the game in progress. Side A claimed that phone rings...just like illegal moves or mate or even checkmate...should be left to players to decide whether they want to claimed a win out of it. Side B claimed that phone not like illegal moves or is different animal...arbiter got the right to interfere and awarded a win to the lucky player.

I am more of the Side B...what Najib did is correct. Furthermore he has mentioned almost before every round that 'phone ring you lost, whether your opponent claimed it or not'.

I scored only half a point out of two and finished with 6 points out of 11. I drew against Nelson Mariano but lost to Efren (again) in the penultimate round.


A fun event which is dominated by Pinoy players. Top 8 players...all Philippines!

Interesting scenarios
In one game players misplaced their king and queen and only realize it during the game...Arbiter said continue playing...and player who misplaced the bed position of king and queen lost the right to castle.

Li Tian, in almost equal position, offered a draw to his opponent that have like 3 seconds left (Li Tian still got around 30 seconds plus) Wow! while i respect his 'gentleman act'...a bit concerned on his killer instint...but then again it is only blitz.

For record Li Tian still finished top 16 (13 if i am not mistaken).

Champion is GM he is R&B King!...Rapid and Blitz, not Rhythm and Blues...but having collected RM5,500 so far and believe he will collect another few thousand in Team event and maybe on second Blitz event on Saturday...cannot blame him if he is celebrating his Rhythm and Blues moment now!

I scored 5 points out of 11 and finished at don't know what number...:)

In the meantime allows me to enjoy my R&B moment now...Rest and Breakfast!



  1. I think u still in R&B (Raya Blues) Ilham!...nice posting as always bro

  2. Raya Blues !? Hmm, that's right Hairul! :)