Friday, August 24, 2012


Olympic seasons...

Last month we have Summer Olympic...this month we will be participating Chess Olympic (Olympiad)...and next month, September, we will be gathering at Hotel Olympic, venue for KLCA International.

No surprise if in October, we will be having Olympic hangover, having consumed so much Olympics over the last 3 months...:)

Talk about Olympics, or specifically Chess Olympiad...cannot help to notice and compare that:
  • During ancient times, war stopped during Olympic Malaysia, war erupted during Olympic season.
  • During ancient times, Olympic participants were giving peace...war stopped so that the Olympic convoys could travel to the venue Malaysia, Olympic teams were attacked right and left...were disturbed and questioned at almost every moves they make and at every moves they don't make
  • During ancient times, Olympic participation is a hero, regardless of the Malaysia, Olympic participation were labelled as coward and God knows what else...even before a single pawn is being push

We maybe angry at the system, the lack of it...maybe angry at MCF...maybe angry at the players themselves, old history,...  but under the Olympic Spirit...I urge, give them peace and let them participate peacefully. There is always time for postmortem after Olympic...lets not do the postmortem even before the game started...

They are the hope of nation, it is at their broad shoulders ( ok, and one tiny shoulder) lies our hope.

To Malaysian Chess Sparta,

In a few days time you will be playing chess in 'hell', everybody is after your throat.

Chess Odyssey will be fighting to the last ounce of your strength!

Good luck and all the best!!



  1. Good one Ilham,,

    What I can't understand is ; the biggest complainer doesn't even play chess! The nerve!

  2. Well written mate!.... I fully support your call for peace, and for us to continue supporting our Malaysian Team.