Saturday, June 30, 2012


Non verbal chess language…this is something that we could not find in any chess books but we collected it over many years of indulging ourselves in this addictive relationship with Caissa.

Our opponents used it… and we also used it…not a single word said but the message is just as loud and clear as spoken words.

Crossing fingers 
Message: I am offering you a draw but don't want anyone to heard it...malu woo.

Repeating moves
Message: Let's draw... (but sometimes we can used this to know whether our opponent is looking for a draw or if we want to gain precious time on our clock)

Taking the captured queen and place it nearer. 
Message: I am about to promote a pawn to queen and will win this game.

Signing the scoresheet during the game (normally accompanied with bored face) 
Message: Don’t waste my time. Resignlah…

There are others of course…like rapid firing moves in the opening stage (Message: Be very afraid, I know this opening well…) or scratching one’s head (Message: Damn it, I make a mistake…but be carefully, sometimes that is what your opponent want you to think but the truth is he has set some trap there…)

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  1. Here's one more :

    One player I know used to do this. After his move, he "screws" the piece onto the chess board. I think the message is "capture this piece if you dare!"