Thursday, June 21, 2012


Dear Chosen One,

If University offered you a place to study subject of your interest...should you decline it because you feel other student deserve the seat more than you? Or because someone whisper it so to you..

If your boss gave you a promotion...should you decline it because you feel your colleague deserve it more than you? Or because someone whisper it so to you..

If Sultan gave you a Datukship...should you decline it because you feel other rakyat deserve it more than you? Or because someone whisper it so to you..

If your pretty girlfriend wanted you to be her husband...should you decline it because you feel your girlfriend deserve someone better? Or because someone whisper it so to you..
Well, should you decline above because you feel someone else deserve it more than you or worst, because someone else told you that you are not deserve to get it, no matter how bad you want it...i feel sorry for you. For lack of correct word that i can think of now, you are STUPID.

Fact of life, in our imperfect world, there is always someone who is better than us...always someone who deserve what we are being offered but should opportunity knock at our door, i say not just accept it, but GRAB it!

There is reason why Opportunity chose you...and there is only reason of stupidity should you decline Opportunity (without good reasons).

Dear Chosen One,

You have chose chess and now chess have chose you to represent Malaysia, accept it with pride and dignity... and walk with head held deserve it! 



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  2. You always puts things in the right perspective. Too bad that guy does not understand what you wrote and went off on a tangent (again).

  3. Ilham does not have anything to gain from this debate (if ever there is one).. anyone misconstruing Ilham's points is using Ilham as another punching bag..
    My point = in Malaysian chess, as in life, you need lots of friends, not lots of enemies. Controversies only work in big businesses or in entertainment industry. While Malaysian chess is not a 'big business' , the entertainment in chess in on the board, not outside it.

  4. What chess teach us...

    Chess teach us to spot and utilize chances, opportunities...only our chess opponent will stop us from doing this

    Chess teach us that in some battle, even though we got the advantage (eg 2 knights vs K), just not worth it to pursue...

    Chess teach us not to entertain any traps, avoid losing manouevres...just not worth it and there is just zillion more things to do on the board.

    however chess also teach us to respect our opponent..(the shake hand before and after the game)...never mind that he/she is the one who tried to kill us...because we also tried to do the same. long as our opponent is fair and play by the rules

  5. very inspiring sir... total agree with your statement... or it was 'Or because someone whisper it so to ME..' ..... uiksss... dalam hal ini 'someone' tue boleh jadi sesiapa jua... kawan, lawan, keluarga?... strive for what you love most... and feel happy for deciding things... even thou the result is UNKNOWN...