Friday, July 6, 2012


So at last the list is out...the waiting is over... and The Chosen One is known. MCF (if i am not mistaken) for the first time list down players who decline the offer and their reasons...a small steps there towards transparency.

IM Mas will not be playing. Mas is always pillar of strength for Malaysia in team event. He first played for Malaysian Olympiad Team at 1994 Olympiad...aged 13 and scoring 7.5 points out of 12 games. He also played in last 3 Olympiads. His decision of not playing in this year Olympiad is a bit puzzling now that he is a chess professional. However, I fully believed Mas got his owned strong reasons for declining the offer.

NM Roshan is declining the offer due to his PMR exam.

In Mas absent, Mok will play for the first board...positional, endgame player, he is Olympiad veteran and currently hold (unofficial) record as Malaysian players with most games played at Olympiad.

On second board we have IM Jimmy Liew...experience and aggressive player and currently hold (unofficial) record as Malaysian players with most way back to 1978 Olympiad!

On third board...IM Lim Yee Weng...solid player, very solid player indeed...SEA games medallist...tough player to beat.

On fourth board...Yeoh Li Tian...among world best for players his age...his maiden outing...can expect him to gain some wins from equal positions against over optimistic opponents.

On fifth board...NM Lim Zhuo Ren...positional player...2011 National Champion...occasionally can be seen playing, along side GMs, in London circuits

Olympiads 'Cap'
IM Mok Tze Meng 
8 Outings
85 Games (32 Wins-18 Draws-35 Lost)

IM Jimmy Liew
 7 Outings
84 Games (38 wins, 18 draws, 28 lost)

IM Lim Yee Weng 
5 Outings
51 Games (17 wins, 18 draws, 16 lost)

Yeoh Li Tian 
0 Outings
0 Games

NM Lim Zhuo Ren 
0 Outings
0 Games

2010 Chess Odyssey would like to wish Malaysian Team a happy and fruitful outing!


  1. Strange that first three have 18 draws each yet different number of outings!

  2. Mas has slightly different number of draws..19!
    For record
    Mas:6 outings
    70 caps (29 wins, 19 draws and 22 lost)

    By the way, Jimmy...Scientist has 'discovered' 'God' particle.

  3. Are you familiar with the theory that consciousness creates reality? They were looking for it and found it :)

    1. Consciousness creates reality...That surely hard to prove. To begin with what is reality?

      On the other hand it is easier to proof consciousness (or rather lack of it) creates illusion! :)

  4. Reality is what you and i experience daily. but in raymond siew case, it is what he wants it to be.

    1. Having grown up watching Twilight Zone (Reality vs Hidden, Dark Reality) and The Matrix (Reality vs Virtual Reality) and Inception (Reality vs Dream)...Compound by reading books about multiple universe (there could be zillion similar universes erupted...) i am a bit sceptical in confirming with certainty which is 'reality'.

      After all, who knows, reality could act like electron...cannot be measured without 'contaminate' the experiment...or something like that

      Still on consciousness create reality...i am more of believer that mind (from both conscious and unconscious, especially unconscious)could create reality.

      We are what we believe... i am moving more towards paranormal side than Quantum side! :)

  5. The True is out there - X - file....ooooooo

  6. Ilham,
    There is going to be a big exam.
    Most people are busy studying.
    Some people, however, are busy creating conspiracy stories.
    That's okay. As long as it does nor affect those going for the exam. Bcoz they represent us.
    Fine, MAYBE life gives you lemons.
    Whining won't help, though. Making lemonade drink is better.
    I believe, you Ilham, are one of the lemonade makers.
    Thank You!

  7. Hi abdooss,
    Actually i am also think the same...Malaysian team now needs support, encouragement...not critics, questioning their inclusion to the team etc. This will added extra pressure/stress to them...i would say don't disturb them...let them prepare for their big exam in peace...and sincerely in wishing them all the best!

    Thanks abdooss on thinking of me as one of the 'lemonade maker' though honestly i don't think myself as one...on many occassion when life gave me lemon...i just left it to spoilt...

  8. Hairulov... The TRUTH is out there... Oh My ENGLISH :)