Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Just read this article about Strauss-Kahn from March 2011 Bloomberg Markets magazine.

61 years old, France Finance Minister (1997-1999) and currently International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director. He shone brightly during the gloom 2008 economic crisis and now busy handling PIGS crisis (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain).

Strauss Kahn is now a very popular name in France and according to the article if the France Election were held today, he will easily beat current President Nicolas Sarkozy.

His interests, other than economic and politics, is chess! Whenever he got bored on the plane, he would say "OK. This is boring. Let's play a little chess'-without any chessboard."...blindfold chess!

On most evenings, Strauss Kahn hones his skills by playing anonymously on his computer with opponents around the world. "On the internet, you can find yourself up against a Korean or a guy from Greenland," he says "It's not just a way of relaxing: It's also a way of measuring my stress levels. When i am tired, i'm no good."

Very true, Mr President!

Chess tip
My chess tips to the future President of France?
Always play French Defense!


  1. "Always play French Defense! " , but of course...

  2. Ilham,
    How to play French Defense as White?

  3. Hi Jimmy, Abdooss
    Yalah...1.e3! French with a tempo up! :)

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