Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Above picture is taken with permission from Gilocatur’s blog. On his posting he wondered what am i thinking when watching this game...

Am i going to write a book “How to beat IM Mashafizul for dummies”?

Nah...that Hairulov’s specialty...

Well, actually i was thinking of going closer to the table to see the action clearer but i was afraid that Mas is going to give me a look, a killer look like what Kasparov did below, when one unlucky arbiter came closer to his table...and Najib might gave me that Korchnoi’s shrug...


So i continued watching the game at safe distant...

Better safe than sorry.


  1. Hahaha... awesome stuff. Should totally try that some time :P

  2. Ha ha ha... nice video....
    Not sure what I would do but... Kasparov seems really annoyed! And paranoid....

  3. If looks could kill :)

    Someone at youtube gave below comment
    LOL here's what happened (put in words):

    Nigel: *Haha looks like I'm going to attack that weak back rank of his*

    Kasparov: To arbiter: *Dude why the fuck are you watching my game? Turn around!*

    Korchnoi: To arbiter: *See? And people have the balls to call ME grumpy*