Thursday, April 22, 2010


The Hint
Last night during 4th Round of DATCC event, the ever smiling former National Master Yeoh Chin Seng informed me about one game in early 90's that Norazmi win beautifully while representing Malaysia. A game that is remarkable enough that 'Russsian' keep on analysing that game for a long time after it was played, trying to find out the truth about Norazmi's daring attacking scheme. 'You should look at that game' YCS said while still flashing his usual friendly smile.

Doing 3 Gs (Guess, Google and Gut feeling) I think the game that YCS meant is Norazmi's win against Sabitov (Tajikistan) in 1993 Asian Team Championship.

The Game
W:Odil Sabitov

1. e4 e5
2.Nf3 Nc6
3.Bc4 Bc5
4.0-0 Nf6
5.d4 Bd4

Even though i myself on and off played Giucco Piano, i have to shamefully confessed that i don't know about this variation. My theory end here.

6.Nd4 Nd4
7.Bg5 h6
8.Bh4 g5
9.f4 d5

Position after black's 9. ...d5. Typical Norazmi's all out attack !

10.fg5 Bg4
11.Qe1 dc4
12.Na3 hg5
13.Bg5 Ne2
14.Kh1 Ne4

Queen sacrifice!

15.Bd8 N4g3
16.Qg3 Ng3
17.Kg1 Nf1
18.Bf6 Rh5
19.Rf1 c3
20.bc3 Rf5

Black is winning (exchange up)

21.Rf5 Bf5
22.Be5 Kd7
23.Nb5 Re8
24.Bf4 Re4
25.g3 Ra4
26.Nd4 Bg4
27.h4 Ra2
28.Nb5 Rc2
29.Na7 Rc3
30.Nb5 Rc2
31.Nc7 Rc3

Why not 31. ... Rc7! winning? My only explaination is Norazmi must be in his usual time trouble problem.

32.Nd5 Rc6
33.Ne3 f5
34.Kf2 Ke6

White resign.

The Analysis
Since the game was played during Informator, Novag and Mephisto Age (instead of Chessbase, Fritz and Rybka) , the Russian, ex-Russian or Russian wannabe all busy analysing this game especially on the opening move.

Has Norazmi discovered some Theoretical Novelty (TN) worth its place in Informator?

Norazmi ?! hey, wait a minute...where is Norazmi?

Gosh! there he is busy playing basketball, totally seems uninterested in what could be the game of his life.

Vintage Norazmi! :-)


  1. Probably wont stand up to Rybka analysis :)

  2. should seriously consider putting game replayer.. huhu...

  3. I think its such a waste to just scroll through this page staring at the moves and the diagrams plus complaining why i cant imagine the moves in my head...take n@jdorf's suggestion.

  4. Hi dear Ilham
    1. for many years, i wished this game to be registered in malaysia chess history
    2. tks for having done it. u are efficient.
    3. not so much on the Q sac, but the 9..d5 !!
    4. according to NM Kamal, whom jointed the analysis with those russians:
    a. for years (may be since mid80's) 9.f4 was played within the russians
    b. they concluded as +/- after 9.f4
    c. and it was a special weapon for the russians to score easy points against foreigners
    d. until our Norazmi played 9...d5 !!
    e. that 1993 analysis concluded that 9...d5 is the refutation to 9.f4
    5. i think its great and deserved to put in record
    6. even iM Jimmy is correct, plz donot post the refutation to 9...d5 by Rybka
    7. I hate engine, too :D

  5. Hi all,
    Noted, wow! this really 'pressured' me to learn how to operate one of those replayer :)

    Hi Yeoh,
    Thnks for the info (background) about this game. I really need to ask Norazmi on how he discovered 9. ...d5, when he is not busy playing basketball ofcourse ;)