Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Andrew 'Gilachess', when he scored a model Modern Defense's win against me in 1st DATCC Team 2009 feel he 'cheated' because all the moves he made is actually based from his preparation, video tutorial etc.

Well, I also have my own version of 'I feel cheated' happen 13 years ago. My opponent is Norazmi Mohd Noor, one of the two Terengganu chess players that belongs to Terengganu's elite, immortal club.(The other is legendary Ghalam). Others (Hashim, Arshad, Ruzenan, Rahim, Adnan, Gambit, Lim Sim Leong, yours truly etc) all belongs to mere mortal club.

While Ghalam is 'Capablanca', Norazmi can be considered as Alekhine. Hardworking, original, aggresive, risk takers. Norazmi prepared his opening move throughly (Ruy Lopez Cozio, Giucco Piano etc) and strive for complications at slightest invitation. Terengganu in 90s is blessed with these two national players with different personalities and styles, both on and off the board.

Norazmi's achilles heel are maybe his time trouble habit and predictable openings repertoire. It is just possible to predict Norazmi's opening move.

One fine day in 1997 while perusing through Chess Life, i stumble on a Giucco Piano game (Norazmi's favourite variation) played by the old masters in early 20s. In that game white played 17. Be2 which I like very much, repositioning of a bishop with a prick of venom. I had the feeling, Norazmi might not see the threat and might not know about this old game.

Below is my ' cheated' game

W:Nor Ilhamuddin
B:Norazmi Mohd Noor
1997 Terengganu President Cup

1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Bc4 Bc5
4. c3 Nf6
5. d4 ed4
6. cd4 Bb4
7. Nc3 Ne4
8. 0-0 Bc3
9. d5 Bf6

In this variation, don't try to hang on to the extra materials. You will lose by force. Give it back!

10.Re1 Ne7
11.Re4 d6
12.Bg5 Bg5
13.Ng5 0-0

Sacrifice a knight for initiative. Standard stuff in this line.

17. ... Kh7
15.Qh5 Kg8
16.Rh4 f5

Normal here will be 17. Re1. I played a move that i have prepared some 3 months before.

17.Be2 Bd7

A mistake. My Fritz took about 15 seconds to come up with the announcement "Mate in 14"! Correct and the only move now is 17. ...Ng6 (Ng6! Razali's specialty :-) ). Norazmi's overlook my 19th next move

18.Qh7 Kf7

Its all over. Here, Norazmi think for more than 1 hour.

19. ... Ng6
20. Qg6

Black resigned.

All the moves in this game have been prepared beforehand.

But should you happen to play Norazmi, don't count on repeating this game/line and pocket some easy point. Knowing Norazmi, he will prepared some nasty improvement somewhere along this complicated line.

I am not plan to be the one to discover his novelty!


  1. Interesting,

    but Mohammed Faizal KZ reached this position at move 19 at the Cairnhill Rapid in 2002. His opponent, an Indian IM, played 19..Rg8 an offered him a draw. Faizal accepted missing an instant win.

    Maybe you can give it as a quiz.

    John Wong
    CAS CTEP trainer
    1996-2006 (except 2001)

  2. I thought you said many times that you hate engine?

  3. Well.. no need for quiz coz the answer is too obvious..

  4. Hi John Wong,
    I notice about that game too but i think it must be a typo (on result). Hard to believe white player still want to draw when it is actually a force win for him!

    Hi n@jd0rf,
    I do hate engine due to its capability to make me looks like a total chess idiot and as a killer of the chess art, But then again these engines... you can't live with them, you can't live without them :-)

  5. Faizal was young, only 13 then. He was happy to receive a draw from an IM. Who wouldn't? But when I showed him the win Rf6,he couldn't believe his eyes.

    So lesson here: Don't take draws from better players when they offer usually means they are losing :-)

  6. Thanks John Wong for clearing the air about that game. Gossh! thought it was a typo :-)

    Agreed with your point there. Never take a draw from stronger opponent!

  7. I took a draw offer from Marcus Chan once. I regretted it afterward.