Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Tonight while surfing the internet i stumble on an old News Straits Times article about 1985 Malay Open wrote by Peter Long


I like this article. It is factual, frank and author did not hesitate to pen down what he actually thoughts or knows or especially on what he feels. Well, in simple words... a no holds barred...a vintage Peter!

Some of the interesting points are:
Peter began by mentioning PCMM as “...a strange but not uncommon example of an association which was formed simply to organise one tournament”...ouch! :)

Malaysian Airlines System donated plane tickets as prizes and organisational costs were largely taken care of by Konsortium Serbaguna Sdn Bhd and Wearne Brothers Sdn Bhd.

On Ghalam’s play “Ghalam Sani Datuk Abdul Rashid is young and ambitious, but is afraid of taking risks”

Peter touched on then recently married Mohd Noor Yahya's poor (chess) performance"...biggest disappointment...has been indifferent form...etc"

Peter actually comment on most player worthy of comments, as a reader we could feel Peter know his colleague well.

Dinner and prize giving ceremony is held at Putra World Trade Centre where Datuk Khalil Yaacob, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, was at hand to give away the prizes.

Peter concluded the article by presenting few games played at the tournament.

How i wish today chess tournaments are to be cover like this... in almost full page of major newspaper, honestly/frankly written by author without any hidden agendas, with historical facts and is well researched...too bad if chess tourney is not written this way because, a'la Yuna's tagline... there is story in every tournament!


  1. Wow, Ahmad Muzzaffar. My childhood friend. Found him at last. Agree with you. State agenda clearly. For instance if you want a change of leadership in MCF, state that and give your reasons why. Otherwise its just manipulation.

  2. Ilham,

    This is great!

    How did you find such a gem?

  3. Hi Raymond,
    A classic picture of Ahmad Muzaffar doing the unthinkable today...smoking while playing chess!

    Hi abdooss,
    thanks abdooss but I don't deserved the 'great' mentioned. Peter Long does.
    Ok this is secret, I found it when i google 'Ghalam Sani' ssshhhh! Don't tell anybody i am checking on my sifu!;-)

  4. okay bro.. our secret okay? hahaha ;)

  5. Yes I saw. :) Funny thing. It was Muzz who taught me how to play chess when Mark was still in his mummy's stomach. And then I taught Mark. Well until he was 13 or 14yo. After that he whacked me and I hung up my chess boxing glove. Strange how things go round isn't it?

    Muzz was my childhood neighbour and very close friend. I lost touch with him after he moved to the States. I still have one of his chess books I want to return. :)

    Do you know how to reach him?