Friday, April 20, 2012


When we say ‘change the board, its dirty, go get new board’ we meant change the dirty chess board with a new chessboard or when we say ‘to beef our team, we need to get a good GM’, we meant getting a good Grand Master to strengthen our chess team

However, few of us will think those innocent words differently, for them it could also mean changing Board of Directors or in second example above, getting a good General Manager to strengthen a company.

These special people are what I call them as Chess player cum Corporate Captain ...chess players who have also found success in another tricky, strategy game with lots of tricks and traps...sounds like chess, looks like chess but not chess...It is a corporate game!

Not in particular order, they are:

Chen Tien Yue

Young player from 80's and early 90’s, he is now a full time GM (General Managerlah...) of Royal Selangor, a pewter company that has a present at many countries.

Dato Tan Chin Nam
Man behind MidValley, Sucasa, Micasa and (luckily for us) also a man behind most of our major 'caissa' activities. Dubbed as one of the major corporate player in Malaysia, he has now retired from active corporate world, has passing the baton to his son/daughter.

Dato Edmund Santhara
Chess player from 90’s generation, a founder/CEO of listed Masterskill Education Group Berhad. What i like about him is in most of the interview, he will always promote chess.

WIM Audrey Wong
Malaysia first Women International Master is also Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at Cagamas Berhad. CRO is a very powerful position, Wall Street once called CROs as Wall Street’s New Emperor.

While above are all corporate ‘player’, below we have corporate ‘arbiter’, monitoring corporate activities like arbiter monitoring chess tournament

Azman Hisham Che Doi
My former lecturer at UUM, Azman Hisham is also a Chief Operating Officer at Securities Commission.

Chessplayers-cum-Corporate Captain above...wonder whether they have done this...shows a serious face to their secretary and said “Cancel all my meetings, i do not want to be disturbed for next two hours! I got important matters to handle, strictly no incoming calls”, closed the door and inside their posh office, unmasked their serious face, smile and went on-line and played chess via internet! :)

I don’t know but once a chess player, always a chess player...

Note: I believe there are more chess players/corporate chief out there but above are most visible to me and which news about them can be publicly found at news portal as well as at Annual Report.

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