Saturday, April 14, 2012


What is a backdoor?
In IT it refer to hidden way in accessing the system. In finance, backdoor listing normally refers to getting listed by using a company that is about to be delisted. In chess, I don’t really know what it mean (only recently this word is being used) but I guess it means something like letting experience, qualified and strong players to represent Malaysia to strengthen the team without going through unnecessary selection process... and what is wrong with that? The way the words are being portrayed, backdoor has become trapdoor…ready to punish any strong, able and qualified players from representing Malaysia via recommendation.

Honestly I don’t see it as playing via evil backdoor, I see it as playing via recognisant or merit. Achievement has its own reward.

But Ilham, it will not be fair to other player…

The hard truth about this world, nothing in this world is fair… We just need to accept that someone is entitled for certain ‘privilege’ due to its strength or (sometimes) weakness…
• Certain parking is reserved for OKU but it is nice for non OKU to make noise and say it is not fair?
• Should we ask Datuk Lee Chong Wei to go through selection to represent Malaysia in All England? In the name of fairness…
• There is reserved place for Anand to play for India in chess Olympiad. Is it proper for other player to ask Anand to go for selection? After all it will be fair to every Indian chess player, mah...

My point is life never fair. If life gives you lemons, made lemonade!

But ofcourse in early days, Datuk LCW, GM Anand (and many of our current senior chess player) fights to be where they are today…and one fine day when a new crop of players emerge that is better than them, they will know it is time for them to give way…a circle of life as a sportsman.

My advice to those who are ambitious to represent Malaysia…consistently got excellent result…at the end of the day, with strings of excellent results nobody can deny your rightful place to represent country. The force of continuous excellence result is always stronger than ‘selection’.

Remind me of an incident in 1970, Pal Benko gave up his spot at Palma De Mallorca Interzonal so that Fischer could play. Benko knows that Fischer is more qualified to represent America. Unspoken, there is this honour among chess player, we know who deserved what based on strength…hard to explain to non-chess player.

So to player who was, are and will playing for Malaysia under merit ticket. Congratulation and all the best!


  1. Well written, Ilham. Another perspective.

  2. Ilham,

    Yup! Who will be going to Istanbul Olympiad 2012 in August this year?

    Surely not you and me ! hahaha :D

    1. Bro,
      I am not sure about you (since you are still in chess rehab, right)

      But for me, if MCF selection comittee decide the criteria to represent Malaysia is based on number of FIDE rated tournament plays...i stood a chance! :)