Sunday, April 1, 2012


As someone who moonlight as a chess player, and someone who considered DATCC as his third house and who is interested to see DATCC as a chess hub for the nation, I have below suggestions/question, which I personally like to believe, for the betterment of DATCC.

Few years after DATCC acquired space previously taken by William Restaurant, William Restaurant‘s sign board is still being proudly displayed outside DATCC. If I am not a chess player, with tables, chairs and Restaurant signage and a weird language being spoken by its patronage (en passant, zugzwang, bulchoz break …) I will believe DATCC is a restaurant serving some exotic European cuisine.

Maybe it is time for DATCC to bring down William’s signboard, replace it with big, bright DATCC signage. I believed every day at least 100 cars passes through DATCC’s front, definitely this will be a great advertisement for DATCC.

Even better if DATCC signboard could be display outside Kompleks Wilayah alongside all those Dangduts and Karaoke signage. Everyday thousands of people passed through Jalan Dang Wangi, got stuck inside their car with nothing to do but cursing the traffic jem. It is to DATCC's advantage if there is awareness among those stranded afternoon travellers (and morning too) that there exist a chess center inside Kompleks Wilayah.

In a world we live in which every company is fighting for eye balls exposure, not wrong if DATCC do the same.

No doubt it is costly but i think in the long run will bring benefit to DATCC and Malaysian chess.


Chairs at DATCC is a folded type but in my opinion is not very durable. If your weight is above ‘healthy and wealthy’ level i.e 88.88 kgs, be very careful. I have seen many players that crashed down to floor due to this chair unable to support their weight. Yes, there is maybe one or two non folded chair around but I think it is not enough. Before someone suing DATCC for injury sustained at DATCC, maybe DATCC could prevent it…in chess terms, doing prophylaxis to avoid checkmate.

For beginning maybe get 10 plastic chair non folded type that parents can double it up for use of their 7 years old son/daughter to make it more easily to make a move deep inside opponent’s territory.

It is a win win situation if DATCC could sell some chess goods such as chess pieces, boards, score books etc or even premier items such as chess software, chess clocks, chess books etc.

Of course DATCC could also sell non chess items such as pens, tissues, soft drinks ( I think already did) for the convenience of players…and extra income for DATCC.

During Insofar tournament, Jax Tham mentioned to me about a knock out chess tournament that he planned to do every Tuesday night and from that kertas kerja I noticed there is DATCC membership being mention…honestly I am neutral about this membership thingy but I am curious about few things.

· Is membership open to all or is it via invitation?

· What is the privilege in being DATCC member?

· Is member entitled to vote, access to account etc?

Some clarification from DATCC is most welcome!


  1. Third house? Which is your second house? :)

  2. Wrong question! Should ask which is '4th house'? ;)

    Anyway second house is Opis lor where else...