Saturday, October 22, 2011


Today marks the beginning of the 4th DATCC Team event. All in all there are 12 teams taking part and based from the list, i would say it is a balance list. We have junior players (and some are very junior players), senior players (and very senior players too), females etc

At 9.30 am we have a players meeting. Among matters raised/highlighted are
• Change of last round. From the scheduled 24 December 2011 to 17 December 2011.
• On weekdays, game will begin at 7pm instead of 6.30pm.
• No switching of players allowed.
• Waiting time is one hour.
• Draws can only be offered after 10 moves.
• Appeals Committee. Najib suggested each team nominate one candidate via e-mail. List to be finalized/confirmed on 25th October 2011.
• Handphone. Cannot ring but can vibrate. Najib spend quite sometime on this, no doubt tried his best to make it flexible... but to make it simple...just off the damn thing!
• Pairings/ results will be e-mailed to team captain.
• Players can consult captain on draw offers

On lighter note, Najib informed that now DATCC no longer have 10 pm onwards free disco beat...(shall check it out this Tuesday), there is special mentioned, followed with well deserved round of applause on Saprin’s team (Carikomputer dot com) that consist of Saprin Sr and his 3 Saprin Jrs! Ok, now maybe today his team name is Carikomputer Dot Com..named after Saprin 2 or maybe 3 very successful computer shops...i have this feelings in 2 years time (maybe earlier) the team will develop to be a ruthless Carigaduh Dot com...takut! :)

1. Najib's Rojak Team
2. Kelantan Chess Team
3. DATCC Seniors Team
4. Too Less Ordinary
5. Nusa Mahkota Chess Club
6. Seahorse PETRONAS
7. 17 Chess Club
8. Carikomputer Dot Com
9. Swordfish PETRONAS
10. BERNAMA Chess Team
11. PJMIM Team
12. Scratched Team

First Round
Among some interesting games/results are Jianwen beat Sumant and well...I drew with Mashafizul. :)

Below is my game.

Back home i did some analysis on this game. To my surprise from the final position, i am actually winning!

Below is some of the possible line.
1. hg6 fg6
2. Rh6 Kh6
3. Qf7 mating

During analysis Zambri spotted similar idea on slightly different position but it never occurred to me that it exist on the very position when the game draw!

For record 17 Chess Club lost 1.5 – 2.5 (i draw, Zambri won against Haq, Ariez lost to Abdullah Che Hassan, Max lost to Farouqi)


  1. Your best chance to score a major scalp and you blew it!

  2. there will be another big fish to catch, bro! It could be Jimmy! ;) (we the small fries have nothing to lose! :)

  3. Hi abdooss,
    Nolah....I just got lucky ...happen once in a blue moon. :)

  4. Wow. Nice game. Unfortunately, the result took a little glitter off the performance.