Friday, October 7, 2011


1. The 4th DATCC KL Open Team Event with RM400 entrance fee, will start on 22 (2+2) October 2011 (2+0+1+1). Each match will be played over 4 boards and the venue is ofcourse at DATCC Centre, 4th floor Kompleks Wilayah.

So many 4s and Chinese normally did not like it because the pronounciation rhyme with death (si). Chinese are not alone in disliking of number 4, most of the Malay ladies are also don't like number 4 though most Malay men will naturally loved number 4...follow the foot step of the Prophet! come the fast, exciting reply...normally complete with the smiling face.

2. I have been taking part in 3 previous DATCC Team and i do not intent to miss this one. I informed Najib of my intention to take part and since i do not have any teams, have asked him to put my name on the 'available players pool'. Two weeks ago Max called me asking whether i am available to play for 17 Chess Club. Immediately i said yes and shortly afterward informed Najib to drop my name from the pool.

3. I just love this type of tournament... Sort of like to unwind after the hectic office hour...a game a week...with friends that shared similar interest...and the analysis after the game...and maybe a round of teh tarik after the game (even better if we could have one during the game!-hint!-)...and the sonic boom sound from disco nearby...Man, just love the environment! Sort of like sanctuary for chess lovers.

3A. My personal aim on this tournament is of course to win as much points as i can for my team but i will be fairly satisfied if i am not losing any rating points here and i hope that 17 Chess Club will finish among the prize winner. See you there!