Thursday, October 7, 2010


Inspired by Jimmy's posting on impersonators and our current state of elections fever ( Fide election, PKR election and Galas by election), i imagines how it likes when chess bloggers went to cast their vote.

On the way to the polling stations, they talked about election candidates
Gilachess : I feel cheated. Both candidates cannot offer any new good eating places.
Hairulov: Actually i have analyse all their moves by using my latest software. Candidate A is slightly better than B.
SM: Tahun depan i pulak nak bertanding. Dana dah cukup. Pemimpin yang ada sekarang tak menjalankan tugas.
Rationality: Check your facts first before saying anything. All candidates was overall mediocre.
FirstGM: Open your mind. See bigger picture.
Bad bishop: Bakpo nok gocoh...pakat undi jah pah tu kito sambong mu'la maing catur!

At the polling station.
Gilachess: I will cast my vote by using this new state of the art pen. The ink will last longer and the price is cheap too. Heard they will come up with even better version by end of this year.
PCNT-Arshad: I can supply you that. Original and discount some more. Don't buy pirate product.
FirstGM: Everybody. Please don't forget to connect the dots and make an "X" sign when casting the vote.
Rationality: Shut the fucking up! Your opinion doesn't matter!
Bad bishop: Payoh baso. nok ngundi pong ge'ge
Hairulov:Shhh! Behave yourself!

Everybody have cast their vote except for Rationality. "Stupid!, they don't allow me to cast the fucking vote because they don't know who i am! "

Well, Rationality. Nobody knows who you are.