Friday, October 29, 2010


The Intro
There is this TV show about 2 guys who went all out to test all the 'myth'. They discovered that some myths are to be believe while some others are to be busted.

That show makes me wonder whether all what we read about chess is true and can we believe it 100%.

The Test
The Immortal Game!

In year 1851 Anderrssen played a beautiful game against Kieseritzky. He won brillliantly and below are some of the comments about that game.
"All authorities agree that this partie is the most brilliant game of which there is any record" Franklin K. Young.
"the most beautiful game on record" Bird
"A glorious finish"Lasker

In fact I first discovered this game in a chess article (if i am not mistaken was written by Christi Hon) under titled that went like "Anderssen's Perfect Chess Combination" or maybe" Anderssen's perfection of play"

Doesn't matter the title, what matter is whether this game really 'perfect'?

The Game

The Analysis
By using my chess engine i scrutinized this game and discovered that white cannot win due to a weak 18th moves by Anderssen (a move that Chernev gave double exclaimation mark!!)

18. Bd6 !! (Chernev)

Anyway Fritz disagree. The calculator claimed 18.Re1 as better. According to Fritz, 18.Bd6 is best answered with 18. ...Qa1 19.Ke2 Qb2! 20. Kd2 Bg1 with equal in a very double edge position!

The Verdict
Busted! Beautiful? Yes but perfect? No.

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