Sunday, October 10, 2010


Below are my wish list as a chess player.

More chess prizes
It is sad. Prizes for today chess tournament is comparable with prizes being offered in the 80's, especially for weekend tourney. Sadder to compare prizes for say, fishing tournament is like 30 times more than what being offered in chess tournament. Even sadder to see is the entrance fee (like my weight) has been steadily increase every year without fail.

Chess Officials have their own KPI (Key Performance Index)
I came from a corporate background in which everybody (from CEO to teller or office boy) got their own set of measurable KPIs. At any times we know whether our staff (or ourself) performance whether it is below achiever, merely meet the KPIs or top performers.

I wish the same for chess officials. Instead of just " saya akan berusaha memajukan catur" which is very vague, (is it 'maju' as more tournaments or is it more chess development programmes or is it maju as to produce more titled players ? nobody knows ). I wished each officials got their owns public sets of KPI (depend on position) e.g
  1. to organize 4 FIDE rated tournaments in a year
  2. to have chess in Sukma
  3. to bring RM500,000 in sponsorship money for year 2011
  4. to produce GM in 5 years time
  5. to have chess seminar/classes conducted in every district in Malaysia within 2 years time
  6. to ensure all players that represent countries are being properly taken care of (training, allowances, letters to school/employers being properly sent out etc)
  7. To reply every correspondence within 48 hours

A boring "I will work to the best of my capability" or "Saya akan berkhidmat dengan jujur" is no longer enough. With these KPIs we will have more focus, clearer views or directions of the association and we can know whether the officials have been top performer or merely a chair warmer. Now even ministers also got their own sets of KPIs.

Better MCF 'website'

Currently the official MCF website operate from a free blogspot and correspondence is via a gmail. A look at our neighbours chess association/federation, they operate from more established sites such as Thailand (, Singapore ( and even Brunei (

Maybe this is not important but still with proper website or correspondences platform it will create a confidence to others (Foreign chess players, potential investors etc). I 'blame' this on my experience dealing with many frauds or money laundering cases, one of the earlier red flags sign are company claims to have million dollar business but using gmail/yahoo e-mails and blogspot. 90% it is a scam.

No, i am not saying MCF is a scam but more on to reflect confidence to others

To know who rationality is.

I wished one day i could scream and said "So its you!!" to rationality and congratulates him/her on his/her very interesting views of Malaysian chess


  1. Artikel yang baik, Moga mendapat perhatian daripada MCF

  2. Thanks Cikgu for the comment! :)

  3. Use this ideology in MCF election and i would vote for you!

  4. Thank Neles but i am not into chess position (politic)