Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ahli Nujum Pak Belalang
Pawn promotion in chess reminds me of a scene in P Ramlee's Ahli Nujum Pak Belalang when they played puzzle (teka-teki) with country at stake. Well, you know that scene!

  • Promotion to a queen banyak-banyak
  • Promotion to a knight sikit-siiikit
  • Promotion to a rook jharang-jharang
  • Promotion to a bishop kad'dang-kad'dang

Madu Tiga

That intro brought us to one of my favourite chess puzzle in which under promotion occured not one, not two but three times!

White to play and draw.

1. a7 Ba6

2.b7 Ne4

Black threatening a nasty 3. ...Nd6 checkmate!

3.g8=Knight +! Ke8

4.Nf6+ Nef6

Now black is threatening what seems to be an unstoppable checkmating manouevre 5...Nd5-e7 ++

5.a8=Bishop! Brilliant!! Promotion to a piece that cannot move! Now 5... Nd5 stalemate!

5. ... Ne5 Releasing the king

6.Kb8 Nc6+

7.Kc8 Bf1

Now 8. b8=Q? Ba6+ 9. Qb7 Ne4 10.Qa6 Nd6 checkmate. Beautiful!!

but white plays

8.b8=Rook! So that the stalemate threat is on!

8. ... Ba6

9.Rb7 all white pieces cannot move!

Now black got three choices

  1. Allowed stalemate by making any king or knight (f6 move). Result: draw
  2. Perpetual check.9....Ne7-c6 Result:draw
  3. Releasing the pin by say 9...Bc5 10.Rb6 Ne7 11. Kb7 Kf7 still it is a draw

Jamil...Jamil..., ku sangka dua rupanya tiga!


  1. Is this from a real game or puzzle maker?

    If real game, it is terrific!

  2. Hi Neles,
    Unfortunately it is from a puzzle...but still terrific nevertheless, where else u can find a puzzle in which a solution consist in promoting pawns to knight, bishop and rook!

    Hi abdooss,
    thanks, hope u enjoyed the puzzle (as i do)and the notation.