Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The E-mail
Few days before Raya i received an e-mail from CAS. I was kind of surprise because CAS has been quite inactive (save for once a year Selangor Open), there and then i replied to the e-mail informing Tse Pin...register me in! Only then i look at my calendar and luckily i have no agenda on 9th September 2012! Invest first, investigate later...don't follow!

So there i am on 9th DATCC...taking part in CAS 3rd Quarter Allegro.

The Fee
Entrance fee is a bit high (RM40) but since i take it that this will be use to activate CAS activities again, i don't mind paying.

The Tournament
In 1st category, there are 24 players taking part and among the notable one is Chuin Hong, Kamaluddin Yusof, Jax Tham, Syazwan etc. I am seeded number 6 and as usual, i hope i could finished better than number 6.

In 2nd category, there are about 80 plus players, mostly kids, but there is also a few grandfathers also took part!

Jange Maroh, kawe gura' jah :) 

On category 1, at the end of the race, a pinoy player, Nelson Villanueva emerged champ with 5 points out of 6. Dr Ronnie is 2nd, also 5 points and myself third, with 4.5 points
 Of interest 
The winner, Nelson is actually seeded last (he did not declared his rating to CAS)

In a crucial round 5, top of the table clash, Dr Ronnie lost to Nelson when he overpressed his position...who wouldn't..Ronnie's position is simply overwhelming during mid game.

Tse Pin, with his booming voice, could be heard advising players, Section 2 mostly-
"Don't take chess pieces"
"After finished doing your 'business' at the toilet, please flush!"
...and my favourite Tse Pin's quotes " Don't play too fast!"...well, aren't this what we, Mr Hubby always being told to do! :)

Several personality makes cameo appearance...CM Fadli, Raymond Siew, Yeoh Chin Seng, Ezmi etc.

It is the only tournament that i played in this 21st century that did not mentioned about handphone's ruling!

 Player that attract most attention is young Gabriel Bick.(USCF Rating 1966)-i estimate his age to be about 12 years old... displaying such confident and drawing his game against Jax Tham and Kamaluddin Yusof and beating Syazwan and Fariz among others! Unfortunately he did not finished among prize winner, lost to yours truly and Lim Kian Hwa in his last 2 rounds.

Good outing for me. Won 4 games, lost one (to Dr Chuin Hong) and draw one (with winner, Nelson V).

Achieved my aim of finishing better than number 6. 


  1. When can i read your report that you win
    a tournament in Kuala Lumpur and not to mention in Terengganu?

  2. Sabor gok sekali tuang Haking...

    One fine day, InsyaAllah...rindu nok nyek Zailan Abas! :)

  3. prestasi semakin meningkat. mungkin semangat GM by 58 hehehe

  4. semakin merbahaya pemain ini.. Ayat pun makin power!