Monday, August 20, 2012


Morning...Not feeling very well…stomach ache. Not sure whether it is due to the overdose Lemangs consumed yesterday or breakfast at the only Mamak Restaurant that open today.

Players meeting 
 Players meeting were conducted by Mr Hamid and Mr Najib. Among matters discuss are:
• No waiting time.
• Selection of Appeals Committee.
• Appeals Deposit. RM100.But later I saw RM200 is the amount to make an Official Appeal…hopefully tomorrow it will not be RM300.
• The result will not be submitted to FIDE for rapid rating purposes due to ‘uncertainty’.

For feedback, Datuk Tan Chin Nam, during his speech, asked players whether they are interested in Classical or Rapid format…majority prefers Classical.

Saw Andrew ‘Gilachess’, almost did not recognised him…not sure whether it is due to the crew cut or due to leaner and thinner him, or both! ..and Nicholas a crew cut! :)

What happened 
So far top Malaysian players are performing well. Scoring 3.5 or 3 points out of 4. Hopefully they can continue this momentum tomorrow.

Sumant beats GM Gomez (2539)…and RM100 richer!

Nicholas Chan and Li Tian looks in good form and set to be among the best Malaysian.

Initially I am seeded number 57…then in second round I am seeded number 61…in the afternoon I am seeded number 63. Lets see whether tomorrow my seeded will be change to 65.

First round I am playing against a pretty Indonesian girl with a pretty name and pretty opening knowledge. Her name is Indah Bulan Firmantry and in between lashing out sweet smile...and batting out eyelashes...she lashed out 22 solid Giucco Piano opening theory. She got the upper hand…I found a counterplay…she offered a draw (she did not called me Pakcik)… I accepted. Ofcourse if she called me Abang I will immediately resigned! :)

 Second round I played against a Philippine player, Largo Bengt, that looks like a young Manny ‘Pacman’. I lost in the rook ending.

Third round I got lucky against Malaysian. Lum Zhun Hoong,... 2 pawns down but managed to swindle my opponent. :)

Fourth round I played against another Indonesian lady, Dian Cheri Stefani, Disaster! A solid one piece up but later lost…I don’t believe it!! It is game like these that you just want to quit chess for goods.

Grrrrrrr! :(

Target for tomorrow: 3.5 out of 5.


  1. You never said if the Indonesian girl is as pretty as the other one. Then we will know the real reason you lost.

  2. Thanks abdooss,

    Both are pretty Jimmy..the one that is not pretty is my play :(...though on second day i managed to gain some ground! :)