Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Game started at 7pm Malaysian about time i reached home and should ended before i went to sleep, though sometimes (most of the time actually) game ended shortly after dinner.

Players' age 
Both in their 40's, with kid and with generous simple words, one of us and this just gave average Joe like us an inspiration, World Champion is not necessary reserved for 20 something bachelor who moonlight as a model for cloth.

Player's Ranking 
World Championship match is not exclusive right between world number one and two...not really sure whether world's number 55,000 got any right/chance on it or not

Don't like 
So far all 4 games are decisive result. In real life i am afraid to see blood but for this match, i want to see blood. The gorier the better!

Heavily prepared 
They did not really played chess, they just replayed moves they prepared at home... Looks like the winner will be crown as Chess Preparation Champion of the World!

I have a suggestion to FIDE, players cannot chose opening! Before game starts arbiter will have to pick a character and two numbers from 3 cups...say the numbers (from 3 cups) turned out to be C+5+2, C52, then players need to play Evans Gambit! Wow, i bet everybody at seven pm will be hoping for their favourite number (or in this case, favourite opening code) will be chosen!

Anand's new hairstyle 
Sorry, Anand...the helmet style... i don't like it.


  1. Haha... Fischer random can solve your opening conundrum.

  2. Hi Ninja,
    Yes, Fischer random is another medicine for 'heavily analyze' disease