Thursday, May 10, 2012


1. Chess bloggers have their own unique DNA on their posting that we sort of know and over times...become very familiar with. We know who is Mr 'hehehe', or Mr 'Of...folks', or Mr 'IT, Food Connoisseur' and Mr 'Camera man-Merakam gambar di hari kejadian'" and of course, we missed the posting of Mr 'Centaur Analysis'... For this posting let me write about Mr 'I won again' a.k.a. Muhammad Arshad.

2. Like IM Mok Tze Meng, Arshad is also a one stop chess supermarket. He is a chess player, chess coach, chess entrepreneur, organizer, arbiter, blogger, and father of a chess player (Mohd Zarif Aiman).

 He is also active in Terengganu Chess Association and he basically knows ALL Terengganu Chess Player, past and present, and in return, all Terengganu Chess Player know him. This come as no suprise as Arshad always make it a point to have a chat with new face that turn up at Terengganu Chess tournament and to monitor the progress of Terengganu's junior players. Don't believe me? ask any strong Terengganu junior chess player who is their coach...

Still remember it was Arshad who first talk to me when i first entered Terengganu Pesta Pantai Chess Tournament in 1988...and encourage me by supplying me with chess materials FOC (For that and more...TQVM!)

3. Did i mentioned earlier that Arshad is also a chess entrepreneur? He is authorized dealer for DGT's chess merchandise and a dealer for Everyman's Publisher. Very soon he is going to incorporate all his chess business activities to his new website . Consider buying chess merchandise (Clocks, books, softwares etc)? To get a competitive price, you may consider contacting Arshad. Make sure you let him know that you get this info from my website so i could get my commission! :)

4. As a chess player, Arshad is a positional chess player who did not believe in wild, attacking chess. "Primitive!" he could be heard shouting whenever his opponent started to sacrifice materials to attack his king in friendly blitz chess.

For record, in late 80's he once beat Mohd Noor Yahya in a game that is good enough to be published in newspaper. Never underestimate him.

5. Last but not least, below are few trivias about Arshad that not many people know:
-Arshad is not his real name, Muhammad is, but somehow Arshad (his father's name) name stuck.
-Arshad can speak/read Cantonese and was schooled at Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Chung Hwa Wei Sin, Kuala Terengganu in early 80's
 -Arshad has a brother, Azli, who is also a chess player, representing Terengganu in many National level tournaments in 90's.
-Arshad is holder of a contractor's license to do electrical wiring.


  1. Ilham , 30% diskaun for any of these products
    dgt,everyman chess and chessbase.

  2. How about Ilham's friends? 25% discount? :)

    1. Sorry Abdoos ,this offer exclusively for Ilham only.

    2. Hi Abdooss,
      1. may be what u can do is to ask Ilham help u to get it from Arshad.
      2. I believe Ilham don't mind to help.
      3. and Arshad will close one eye. ;)

  3. Hi Abdooss,
    We can discuss...;)

  4. Encik M.Arshad, Mr Yeoh & Encik Ilham,

    Thank You very much for humoring us!
    Really appreciate that!

    hahaha :D