Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The Plan
Let me be a guinea pig on my very own plan it possible for ordinary Joe (read:me!) to be a chess Grandmaster in 20 years without sacrificing my normal working, family and social life (as if i got one)

Current status 
My current rating is 1994 though i believe my current strength is ‘this year’ aka 2012 (ah, aren’t we chess player always believe our rating is grossly understate).

I have access to few of the strongest chess player ever...ever ready to discuss chess with me 24/7 as long as there is electricity...also access to million, maybe billion... who knows, of chess games via virtual library called internet..not to mention many chess books that i have bought but read only the first few pages..

And thanks God i stayed at Kuala Lumpur where basically there is tournament on every weeks and FIDE rated tournaments on average one in every 3 months ...

If Paul Morphy still alive surely he will accused me of chess crime for did not fully utilised chess ‘support’ around me to improve my which with all clear evidence, i clearly have no choice but to admit guilty.

The Aim
To be...
Chess Master (CM) before year 2017 (age 43)
FIDE Master (FM) before year 2022 (age 48)
International Master (IM) before year 2027 (age 53)
And Grand Master (GM) before year 2032 (age 58)

Hmm, how nice if this plan works to perfection...retire from rat race and enter Caissa race!

I don’t know but having sort of like already tell the whole world about it...Ilham, you better makes sure you achieved it (or maybe at least achieved half of it)

Ok, let’s the journey begin!


  1. Ilham.... At 58, you can also become a Grandfather! So, if you were not able to achieve the title Grandmaster, at least you know the title Grandfather is within reach....
    Good luck to you man! I envy your vision. Maybe I can try to be a GM myself when I turn 60 - the oldest Malaysian GM so if you want to be the oldest GM, you have to change your timeline to 2035 (age 61) and be the oldest Malaysian GM

  2. Hi Ilham,
    1. great plan & happy journey!
    2. I wish my good friend IM Jimmy will be inspired by your article, he has at least achieved 75% of the plan by now.

  3. Hi Najib,
    OMG!I will be OMG (Oldest Malaysia GM!)...ok, maybe it should be OMGM...doesn't sound nice! Congratz on successful Malacca Chess Festival

    Hi YCS,
    Tks...though 'angan-angan Mat Jenin' is more like it :)
    Yes, it will be great if Jimmy could be a GM.
    Congratz on Li Tian's good Malacca's outing
    I used a mere 'good' since i need to reserve the words 'great, outstanding, awesome, fantastic on Li Tian's future tournament's success! which are going to be a lot!

  4. I like this article for its wackiness (like a King's Gambit, won by White) and moderate comments (like an Open Sicilian which ended in a draw :)

  5. deep! for such a merapu article! Thanks abdooss