Wednesday, November 2, 2011


November Rain
I started to believe that KL's weather got its own duty rooster. A rather accurate duty rooster that is. Morning till 4.30 pm, sunny. 4.30pm to 4.45pm dark, 4.45 pm till night rain. Yesterday is no different resulting in DATCC Team's chess player needs to brave the rain and the usual traffic jam. However all players arrived on walk over wins was registered.

Of interest last night
NM Kamal Ariffin vs Udani. Kamal opened the game with 1. b4 !?. Kamal lost the game.

Jax Tham vs Haq. Haq arrived 55 minutes late. Still, slowly and steadily he smiled to his opponent (who must be very frustrated by sudden appearance of the opponent ), slowly locating for his pen...wrote down details on scoresheet and finally make a move. No hurry at all. Of such peaceful and calm behavior...of no surprise produce peaceful result. Game draw.

Sumant vs Saprin. Saprin is playing his school days favourite opening, Dragon (btw have you guys noticed that everybody today plays Dragon?!) with set up similar to Mas vs Najib. Heck, even the c3 exchange sac is also similar (but again that is one the main theme or tabiya in Dragon). Result wise...not similar. Draw.

Carikomputer still maintained their uniform shirts for whole team. If there is such an award as best dressed team, my vote goes to Carikomputer dot com.

There must be something happen on the game Hakim vs Khairunnisa (also the last game to finish) when i notice arbiter re setting the player's time. But since it is already 11pm at that time, i did not check it out what happen and left DATCC shortly afterwards.

In battle of IMs (IM Giam vs IM Mas), Mas won the game picking up white's pawns one after a word of picking up ripe apples.

Good to see Terengganu's best Unrated Player(FIDE), Hashim Jusoh, is here tonite playing against a dangerous Pinoy, Michael Angelo Palma who coupled of days ago won Goon Cup at JB collecting a cool RM1,000. Result? Hashim lost on time in a hopeless position.

To the best of my knowledge, Abdullah Che Hassan is the only player now who plays 3 times and won all the games!

If on the 2nd round, there are 3 matches ended with 4-0, this round saw 3 matches ended with 3.5 - 0.5 (Kelantan vs DATCC Senior, Najib's rojak vs Carikomputer and Too less Ordinary vs Nusa Mahkota)
2 matches ended peacefully (17cc vs Seahorse and Swordfish vs Renegade)
PJMIM is the only team last night achieving perfect score beating BERNAMA 4-0.

My game
Draw with Irman Ibrahim. Owen's Opening. 13 moves draw. Some says it is a coward draw...i would like to think of it as saving the best for Asian Amateur...alasan! :)


  1. yeah...thanks to najib...the resurrection of dragon variation...

  2. Ha ha ha.... Not only that Saprin played the Dragon.. he also played the h5 line!!!!! How interesting was that.....


  3. oh yeah???...hahaha...need to put a longer name...

    The Resurrection of Sicilian Dragon Soltis Variation with Thematic Rxc3 Sacrifice...hohohoh

  4. Hi Captain and Najib,
    Should Najib played...and winlah... more and more of this variation, (Dragon h5, Rc3 sac) very good chances it will be rename as Najib System! :)

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