Thursday, November 17, 2011


Many regulars are not here tonight IM Mas, IM Jimmy, IM strength Udani, Future IM Sumant, IM (International Manager) Greg and IM Haslindah. The sole representative of IM is IM Giam.

Highlight of the night
The 1chess game between Haq and Zaidan that keep everyone glued around their table, Zaidan got slight advantage but maybe is not enough to win unless Haq make some serious mistakes. Zaidan squeezed and squeezed and squeezed the dry lemon until at one time, Nik Farouqi cannot stand it and called up the arbiter, Mr Kaber, claiming that the game should be drawn, just when Mr Kaber tried to understand the nature of matter raised by Aqie, Zaidan switch his rook bringing the game to a new phase.

Why this game is 1chess? It is played at Table 1, Board 1 and maybe ended at move 111 (who knows what the actual moves are since one score sheet is recorded by the Incredible Haq and the other one is by doctor Zaidan, we all know what the typical doctor’s writing looks like…) and ended at 11.11pm. They finally split the one point allocated to their game.

Wait a minute! Maybe there is curse of sort at table one board one…last week game (Udani vs Sumant) shared the similar patent. Draw, arbiter is call, last game to finish…hmm

Result between Renegade and Carikomputer (Yes, this week the came in their standard uniform) is 3.5 – 0.5. Ok when everyone might think based from the result, the half a point must be secured by Saprin , the usual point winner and bread winner too, of the team, well that is not the case here. Saprin lost to Jianwen. Half a point is secured by his 8 years old son who drew his game against Shamsudin Sabri aka Fireyrook.

About Saprin son, they are sort of grown up in this tournament. Early rounds saw they are beaten quite easily but now they can be count to win points here and there…and they now took up tougher resistance before they lost. They also now mixed easily with their uncles, can be seen playing blitz games etc or genuinely fixed to watch any interesting games in progress…I have to say here, like father like son.

Future King (One day King or Raja sehari) Abdullah Che Hassan is here tonight, draw with CM Fadli and therefore ended his winning streak

My Game

Draw against Ismail Ahmad while the rest of my team wins. We won 3.5 – 0.5 against PJMIM. Sorry guys.( By the way still tried to figure out what is PJMIM stands for. Any idea? )

To R

Thanks for reading my blog and your nice comment about my blog. Yes, agreed that Bill Gates is not the one who wrote DOS but No, do not agreed that Relativity Theory came from Einstein’s wife and not from Einstein. Have done my research on the subject and I stick to what I said on that night. Relativity theory came from Einstein and other than this it is all conspiracy theory. Sorry R :)

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