Saturday, November 19, 2011


While going through some of the games played by Malaysian player (Read: Asian Amateur Preparation!), i came across one game, Kasparov vs Abdullah Che Hassan. Oh, it must be a game between one of those Kasparov Chess Computer vs Dollah, I thought. Wrong, Ilham. It is really GM Gary Kasparov vs Abdullah Che Hassan, played in year 2000. Thanks to internet who make all this possible.

The Game
It is a simultaneous game where Kasparov played against 30 players worldwide to mark the worldwide launched of Kasparov's chess website. What more remarkable is this game is played when Kasparov is reigning World Champion and also number one chess player with highest ever rating of 2851! Unbroken till today.

And to think that Kasparov in year 2000 is mean and brutal killing machine who take his every game (even in simul) seriously and Abdullah, who is not really bloom into Abdullah we know today, yet still last 51 move before resigning "because I need to go to school" explained Abdullah, that is really an achievement.

W:GM Kasparov
B:Abdullah Che Hassan

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