Saturday, October 15, 2011


Guess it is time for me to say goodbye to you, my dearest chess companion.

One who always loyally accompany me, come rain or shine, to my many chess tournaments.

One who always silently listening to my many private boasting on tournaments win …that I guess not many …or my ranting and suffering and cursing too... on disaster tournaments… that’s for sure is a lot.

One, whenever we are together, who always, in your own mysterious way, gave me many inspiration on what to write on this very blog.

You for sure are never a trophy companion but for a guy like me, you are a Ferrari. I accept you as what you are the way you accept me as who I am… but then again age is catching up, you become tired easily… and difficulty in waking you up in the morning, cold morning especially ...and that day, when you suddenly sleep in the middle of the busy Semantan road!

I bet you understand…

It is time for me to say goodbye to you, my ol’ Yamaha sports kapchai.

Tomorrow’s ride will be the last one you will serve me. After that I have to return you back to the place where I bought you and they will groomed you again I am sure and not long you will have a new master.

Serve him well, buddy…the way you always served me and please do not forget to give me that friendly honk or maybe that blink, blink of your front eye…should our path do ever cross again.

All the best!


  1. Laaa.. mung ni,, ingatkan nak berhenti blogging.. takkan berhenti main chess kot.. rupanya berhenti nail kapcai.. haha :D .. ILHAM, ilham.. lawak la mung ni..

  2. abdooss,
    He he he :) Sajer wat gempak the way still naik kapcai...kapcai barulah...:)

  3. Gilachess talk about food, now you talk about your bike. We dont want to know your relationship with vehicles ok? LOL

  4. Somehow got sentimental with my ex-bike :)