Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A simple mathematic equation, afternoon afternoon before DATCC is located just a stone throw away from Masjid India are equal to traffic it is no surprise that when the game begin at 7pm, almost half of the players are yet to arrive. However by 7.30pm, most of the players are here already.

Cannot blame if result wise, one thought that this is a first round...just so many 4-0 results!
Too less ordinary produce an extraordinary result beating DATCC Sr 4-0.
Carikomputer turn to ‘Carimangsa’ behaviour by defeating BERNAMA 4-0.
And 17 chess club joining the 4-0 clubs above by winning against renegade 4-0

Other result
Nusa Mahkota drowning Seahorse 3-1
Swordfish hide their sword to peacefully draw 2-2 with PJMIM. (resultwiselah peacefully, game wise brutal)
Kelantan failed to eat Najib’s Rojak Team. Draw 2-2

Of interest are Udani vs Jimmy (Jimmy lost), Haq vs Izz (Izz won in an exciting rooks ending, also the last game to finish) . Andrew , a pawn up, blundered a piece when allowing his opponent, Syed of 17 CC, a nice combination. Thanks Andrew :) .

My Game (Ladies Night)
Played against Haslindah. I was lucky to win. Honestly i was thinking of resigning the game on move 11. Yeap, move 11!

See below position. I am having a black pieces.

My black lady has ventured alone, shopping for a cheap c4 pawn, at my lady opponent’s territory. Ofcourse, after e4!, she’s dead and i can safely resigned and can go home to be with my lady and two girls and maybe watching some girlie TV show ( I am always out vetoed) ... Anyway, she played e3? Phew!!

Guess ladyluck is smiling to me...:)

Below is the full game.

Yes, no 10pm disco beat...replaced with 12am firecrackers!

At least 3 players (maybe more) have a perfect score
1. Abdullah Che Hassan
2. Saprin
3. Zambri

Wan Shahrina (BERNAMA) is not here tonite.


  1. Ilham,

    The better player is always lucky
    (who said that - Tarrasch, or Lasker? My guess, Lasker)

    Bro, I played the Black side of Benoni and lost after Greg took PxP (e6) and I played ..fe . Had to listen to his lecture about island pawns and weakening f7 square,, as if losing was not enough, he had to rub salt into my wound. BUT Greg was and is a great guy! :)

  2. Hi Arshad
    Ben Pirc kang!

    Hi abdooss,
    If i am not mistaken, white's d e captured in Benoni is not good...sort of giving black a nice central pawns

    Maybe my mistake in the opening is fail to utilize my pwan center with d5! (As pointed by Mas when he saw this game)

    Yes, Greg is a great guy...even greater if he could actvely take part in more tourneys... Right, Greg? :)