Thursday, October 27, 2011


The Conversation
Me :I think maybe it is a good idea to go for a family vacation at Penang during this school holiday.
HM :Yeah, agreed! Maybe we should go during Awal Muharram’s holiday. Long weekend!
Me :Err...that day cannot...i have chess tournament during that time.
HM :Chess tournament? How come you never inform me about it before?
Me :I did, maybe you did not listened...Never mind... How about on 10th December?
HM :Hmm...OK also...but where to stay?
Me :You decide!
HM :(Smile) How about...........

So that is how i obtained my permit and visa to take part in Asian Amateur from my ‘Home Minister’...a typical conversation or modus operandi that i believe also happen in other chess players house...when we pay for our guilty feeling being away from family to take part in chess tournament...

The conversation will happen again in the future, no doubt about it...because we just so in love with the game...and so in love with our family too.


  1. The things we have to do to be able to play chess....

    And dont forget Penang have an Open in December. Maybe you can "work" that into your schedule ;)

  2. Me :I did, maybe you did not listened...Never mind... How about on 10th December? <----This one is very profund...just love it....'I Did'

  3. dear Ilham

    1. of course the 'home minister' will happily approve it, when she is being humbly requested by the 'prime minister'

    2. i wish you will no more have the 'amateur' qualification after the event!

    Good lucks, my fren

  4. dear ilham

    1 - like jimmy said, you may want to entice your home minister to a one week stay at hard rock cafe while you chess rocking at penang open. everybody wins because everybody do what each wants.

    2 - kapitan planet.... its a way of subtly saying "tu lah... sayang tak fokus"

    3 - and in chin seng's house, i have a feeling that HE is the home minister... because there is a women prime minister in the house.. *LOL*. Jangan marah ah Chin Seng?

    4 - Good... so now I can confirm your participation la eh?


  5. Hi Jimmy,
    Hmm...not a bad idea! ;)

    Hi Captain,
    He he he...nak hidup, beb! :)

    Hi NM, HM, PM, and future FGM (Father of GM) YCS,
    Thanks for wishing me well in Asian Amateur.

    Hi Najib,
    Yes, register me in!

  6. LOL, not aware of my above titles. I only have one title: "ATM" for my PM cum HM. :-(

  7. These comments are hilarious :)

    And "Father of GM"...only Ilham would have thought of that :)