Friday, August 5, 2011


My game against Kaushal
I won against Kaushal (a walkover won actually). Lucky me because if I were to play Kaushal, frankly I feel that he a much stronger player than me.

My game against Kenneth
OK, maybe on my game against Kaushal, I expected to lose but get a point but in my game against Kenneth, I actually expected to win, but I lost badly.
Kenneth came prepared and ‘ambushed’ my Alekhine. His c5! Is something new to me and suddenly I am just running out of oxygen. I sacrifice a rook hoping to gain control of center and maybe trap his knight…however it is just illusion. An illusion that turn to a 'knight'mare to me...
No middlegame. Game lasted 25 moves though honestly I could resigned some 10 moves earlier. (Maybe I should switch back to 1….e5) Congratulation to Kenneth who actually has ‘grown up' to be a strong player as the tournament progressed. For the record Kenneth just bulldozed his last 3 or 4 opponents. I expect we will hear more about Kenneth in the future.
Full game. Here.

Nf6 tournament.
A friendly FIDE rated tournament organized by Aziz Shukor and Syazrin. Arbiter is Mr Najib Wahab. Played over 3 months , though to Nik Farouqi it ended one month earlier, players chose their own weekend to do the battle and for that….thanks Najib!

Many bantering were exchange on the cyberspace (read:e-mail) and YCS actually produced a new word “Seduted” (past tense, an act of sucking/ siphoning someone else elo points). Not to be outdone, Najib produced a mystery numbers (5, 7, 12).

For me, not really a good outing. Surely will lost some points but hopefully it will still be above 2000. Maybe I should follow Najib’s advice…Bring along my daughters! On the day I bring along my two angels (hopefully Heaven still did not realise two angels are missing from Heaven) I scored 1.5 out of two! Nearly make it 2 out of 2!

Yeoh Li Tian
Last but not least, about the champ, Yeoh Li Tian (YLT), a deserving winner, a quiet player with occasional smile, a killer smile. He played confidently, never shows his emotion or get excited whether he is winning or losing. But then again, hardly saw him in losing position. (psst. ok , maybe a bit in his game against me :) )

Recently there is question raise whether YLT is really a strong junior player. Well, for me, maybe, rating wise, he is not the strongest (Edward Lee and LZR are ahead of him)but still he is the most talented, our best hope for GM title.

In my earlier (second posting in fact after my blog intro) Odyssey’s article here, I mentioned about how Malaysia is blessed with chess talents, one in every 10 years, 70s is Jimmy Liew (yes, Jimmy is also once a talented Junior), 80s is Rosazman Rosley, 90s is MasHafizul Helmi, 2000 is Anas Nazreen and 2010 is Yeoh Li Tian. and after 121 postings, believed it is still true, this decade will be YLT's decade.

While other Malaysia junior’s yardstick is well… Malaysia. YLT is world. YLT is once world number 4 (under 8). Some might say “Ahh, after few years, the juniors that placed below YLT will sure potong him one. Just wait and see”

Well, I am sorry I have to disappoint you. YLT’s rating is better than even the winner of that W-U8. (Konstantin Savenkov, 2019 against YLT’s 2121) and this year he is basically inactive, I am sure if his father let him take part in more FIDE tourneys, he will be rated at least 2180. Even with his ‘humble’ 2121 (we, chess player know YLT’s strength is more than 2121), FIDE has listed YLT as world number 15 in the world under 12 list.

Take note ladies and gentlemen. WORLD.


  1. I like that part about your two daughters. You must be a proud father.

    Only a chess player who played with YLT will know his strength and potential. I too believe in him. Time will tell unless other pursuits take him away from chess.

  2. Hi Ilham
    1. TQVM for your good words on tian. I shall show him. I trust this will motivate him a lots.

    2. Though you are over-boosting, i have to accept and agree it since these are good words. :D

    3. Only disagree you compare tian with our chess masters. Its inappropriate to compare an unpromoted pawn with Queens.

    4. and a small protest here:
    Najib is the arbiter for Nf6. How can he suggest winning formula (bringing angels)to player. I may write to MCF & FIDE. ;)


  3. Oh yes Yeoh. This is mala fide (who says an old dog cannot learn new tricks?)

  4. actually ur daughter do interrupt the game btw me and you, but to complaint in the middle game about it is not proper i think. i should complaint earlier but i appreciate ur effort to come and play and i know as a father and player, both are important. so i just try my luck to offer draw in losing position and u accepted. so i think half point each is fair..

  5. Hi Jimmy,
    It takes chess players to know the strength of other chess players and to respect other chess players

    btw Mala Fide i don't know, NorMala Samsudin i sure know ;)

    Hi YCS,
    Don't lah like that, nanti habis rating i kena 'seduted' :)

    Hi Elene,
    i know and for that i sincerely apologized. Thanks for your understanding and for your sportsmanship in calling me and remind me about the game...appreciate that!