Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Dear beloved reader,

1. In future it is illegal to offer a draw. FIDE finally ashamedly realized that chess is the only sports in this whole wide universe (and maybe in other parallel universe too) in which players have a luxury to mutually split point (during the battle) to suit their own sweet agenda...normally due to afraid of losing.

2. In future it is no longer required to write a chess move for game played on electronic chess board. Result will be transmitted online to Arbiter. Pairing will be done automatically after last result submitted and when players went home after the tournament, he/she will find the tournament bulletin already being sent to his/her e-mail. Very fast, very efficient but still, i see,...tournament still normally begin half an hour late from schedule.

How to monitor 50 move rules without annotation? Electronic Board is intelligent enough to detect illegal moves, 3 moves repetition or 50 moves rules. After all chess player's job is to play chess, not to count moves.

3. FIDE recognized and awarded Super Grand Master (SGM) title to those rated 2700 and above. No longer SGM title can be used freely and in unregulated manners.

4. But then again there will be just so many players with SGM title, FIDE then introduce Elite Grand Master (or EGM, not to be confused with Extraordinary General Meeting), a very exclusive and elite club, only open to world champion and its challenger (past and present) and player rated 2800 above. Of course all EGM is millionaire. EGM is a US Dollar Millionaire Club...No, perhaps I should change it to A Yuan Millionaire Club (In future US Dollar is no longer a major currency.)

5. Adjusting pieces are allowed only 2 times during a game. No longer can player distract other player’s thinking by keep adjusting already well placed pieces.

6. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) allowed/assigned FIDE to introduced and monitored prefix for official chess organisations, federations or companies. ‘.chs’. No longer chess federation official site is on, say... blogspot or wordpress. By the way, how about www.2010chessodyssey.chs hmm! :)

7. ELO 3000’s mark finally will be breached by human before year 2025. Inside our computer, Houdini, Fritz and gang laughed at this ‘ordinary’ human achievement, (something they have achieved decades earlier), the way we human laughed at their ancestral (Sargon and Kaissa etc) playing abilities in early 80’s. By the way programmes at that time are looking to breached ELO 3500.

8. Only at Super GM tournaments or World Chess Championship, advance camera technology is being used to support the enforcement of ‘touch move’ chess. No more guessing or ‘not aware my hand leaving the piece’ case etc.

9. Someone being caught cheating by receiving moves from his/her watch or eye glasses. Hopefully not from Malaysia.

10. ‘Tag team chess’ will become popular. 2 players in a team and each player make their moves alternately. Cannot discuss during the game.

11. Sahovki Informator will only be published online.

12. Finally in 2018 Malaysia finally got its own GM ( Well, don’t know whether this is a good or bad news)

So in conclusion, my reader, take this gift from your author Ilhamdamus, who hopes you will understand each prophecy in every quatrain herein. May God grant you a long life of good and prosperous happiness.

Malaysia, 11 August 2011

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