Thursday, July 21, 2011


Glad to see a few Malaysian gather among themselves at, formed a team and competing with another countries and so far they are doing remarkably well!

Malaysian team that consist of herotojan, fxqie, fadzilnayan and norula (Well, i think i know few of them...) so far has drew with USA (!) and Greece and now in semi final and this weekend will face a strong Indian team. Not everyday Malaysian chess team can draw with US chess team!

Should you need more details, you can just go to chesscube (Well, you need to register first), clicked room, scrolled down and entered room Malaysia (normally there are about 20 to 30 people here at any time) and if you notice the lovely Intandayana is around, just asked her any questions related to Malaysian chess team, she will be more than willing to answer it. Asked her out for date and she will quickly ignore your present! No, i have never done that but just observing others who have tried pushing their no avail ofcourse :)

To me, this Malaysian chesscube team, they are proved, even without MCF assistance, without big name sponsors and without publicity, but driven purely out of love of the game, they can still performed well. Very well indeed!

To all the unsung hero of chesscube Malaysia team, all the best in your match against India this weekend!


  1. I heard herotrojan is Anas. Is it true ?

  2. Hi pzkpfwvi (wondor, sorry i mean wonder what does it (pzk...)mean),
    Honestly i don't know who they are though i suspect that fadzilnayan is the Fadzil Nayan and maybe fxqie is Nik Farouqi....

  3. Google is always handy ....

    Norula from Johor used to be very active 5-6 years ago.

  4. I know and have met them all in person. Herotrojan is not Anas :)