Sunday, July 10, 2011


Before the game
Normally I do not care much about my weekend appearance (and maybe my weekdays appearance too) Today is the exception. I am extra careful about my appearance or rather what I wear for today’s game against Kamaludin Yusof. This red shirt?…cannot, Patriot. Yellow shirt?…definitely a no. Bersih. After all it is only 17 hours after the demonstration. Play it safe I grab my white T Shirt…

Traffic at KL is eerily calm. Very few cars on the road and here and there I can see the presence of policemen/ police cars. Surprise! There is just no trace of the demonstration held yesterday. Alam Flora staff must be working overtime last night.

The Game
A lot of ‘shadow boxing’. Both me and Kamaludin played very carefully and took considerable amount of time tried to steer the game into our favourite line (and not to fall to opponent's favourite). Once we have reached a standard Svesnikov tabiya, we just blitzed our moves.

I advance my b pawn to b5 with the idea of fixing my opponent pawns at b6 and d6. Not sure whether this is a good idea (normally white's strategy is queenside pawn push). Shortly after that I sacrificed an exchange for some initiative and hopefully some dark squared play…a big mistake from me, Kamaludin played all the Rybka recommendation moves and soon he is the one with initiative and superior forces.

Never really reach the endgame. I resigned when I count the pieces and realised that I am 3 pawns down and also an exchange down... realised the probability of me swindling my opponent is equal to me correctly predicting the 6/58 jackpot…one in 29 billion...Congratulation to Kamaludin for the victory.

B:Kamaludin Yusof


  1. If you do play this variation, take a look at the game Gufeld-Ivanovic, 1979

    I am sure it will help you in understanding what to do next time.

  2. Hi John Wong,
    Diamond from Sochi!
    Thanks for informing me about the great game. My PC got problem with Java hence unable to view the game at chessgames.

    I look for the game at youtube and to my pleasant surprise, found this game analyse by Gufeld himself.

    Very good game with analysis and full of what-if-scenarios!

    For 35 minutes (2 videos) i just stuck listening to great man explaining move by move of the game.

  3. It's a pity that no video of Gufeld explaining his best game against Bagirov 1973, where he explained his Mona Lisa brilliancy. I heard it live in Singapore, but no one recorded it. that should have been on youtube. His other game against Spassky,1960 known as Beauty of Symmetry is also beautiful. Go check it out.