Thursday, June 9, 2011


Magical Place
There are some places or acts in this world that possessed that magical chess power that somehow, once entered, once done, could improve chess power tremendously within short span of time. Could boost our rating by perhaps 50, 100 or beyond within a year... no kidding!

In USA, that place used to be Jack Colin’s apartment. (He died in 2001) His students are among others William Lombardy, Donald Byrne and young Robert Fischer. You could not get any better than having Fischer as your student! It was once said that once you stepped into his apartment and getting out few days later, you should be stronger by 100 points.

In Russia, ofcourse it Mark Dvoretsky’s apartment. Check in, check out, stronger by at least 200 points. From Wikipedia

“For personal reasons he opted not to remain an active player and instead followed his urge to become a chess trainer. This was something he had tried out and enjoyed while studying at Moscow University and he quickly gained a reputation for transforming serious, hard-working 2200 (Elo) players into grandmasters. Similarly, it was said that established grandmasters could become champions under his tutelage and his student register began to read like a 'who's who' of chess greats. Kasparov, Anand, Topalov, Bareev, Lautier and Van Wely were just a few of the players who benefited from his coaching. Four of his students went on to become Junior World Champions.”

In Malaysia, closest place that could magically improved your rating within short time is, reading blog could not improve your chess and no, no apartment, to the best of my knowledge, that possessed that power. (OK, in Malaysia maybe it is not apartment but mansion since i think, Malaysian chess players are mostly rich millionaire that could spend million for chess, few million here, few million there, but again...’could’). My apology if i am wrong or if income tax people is after you guys!

That magical place is at Cititel, spent few days in end August and enter Malaysia Open, lift the Malaysian Open trophy and within short time after that, your rating just went skyrocket! But ofcourse you need to legitimately be a champion first to do that.

A simple study of past 7 Malaysia Open champs shows that all champs (with the exception of GM Dao in 2006) have their rating up by quantum leap after lifting Malaysia Open trophy. Ni Hua, Li Chao, Negi etc all benefit tremendously from these. Some already breaking the heavenly 2700 barrier and some are already knocking at that pearly gate. I would love to think this is due to their previous Magical Malaysia Open factor!

So how about you, Ilham? Will you take part in this tournament?
Ok, let see. My date of birth is 8th January 1974. The 8th edition of Malaysia Open, played in 8 month of 2011 and if in entered open section, most likely based from my very ‘humble’ rating i will be seeded number 88 or maybe lower and due to current circumstances, need to give 8 reasons to my boss why i need to take leave and another 8 reasons to my wife why i take leave to enter chess tourney (and did not take leave during our anniversary... she did! :) )....i think i will not join in the fun.

To those who will take part...all the best and have a jolly good time!


  1. Wang Hao in 2005!! Just imagine if we could gather all previous Malaysia Open Champs in this year edition! ;)

  2. you did not take leave for annivesary? omg

  3. Hi Chess Buff,
    Yes, Wang Hao too! :)it will definitely be great if all past champs could play in this year edition

    Hi Jimmy
    Miscommunication ! :)