Saturday, June 25, 2011


The Call
10 am. Setiawangsa.

It should be a quiet Saturday. I was about to have my 1000 calories nasi lemak with rendang, cockles, telur goreng etc...type of stuff that they banned at school canteen. In front of me is The Star...old habit...having breakfast and reading newspaper.

Suddenly my phone rang. “Ilham, aku nie..Farouqi. Kita ada gamelah...” It turned out that i have games (Nf6 tournament). Panick...i mumbled something like oklah, a walkover win for you, Qie...but a gentleman farouqi said that he is willing to wait for me (and will not enforce a waiting time rule. Ofcourse he absolutely got the rights to claim a walkover win).

Should i go or should i stay?
Should i forfeit my nasi lemak breakfast or should i forfeit the game?

Damn! Only on my recent posting (Dear Raymond) at my blog I preached about each player should play their role by entering tournament/ playing game they promise earlier on but it seems now within 24 hours i am about to be what i preached other of not to be...

Sadly forfeiting my nasi lemak, i informed my daughters to quickly pack their books. ‘Just grab whatever books you can. ’...they need to follow me to chess tournament. Hopefully i am not double forfeiting today.

Driving my SLK (Small Little Kancil, not that Mercedes SLK) to the limit, i arrived 17 minutes before i ran out of my 90 minutes time.

The Game

I drew the game though i think i have the advantage in the final position.

My apology to my opponents (both Aqie and Ng6) and the rest of competitor for any (and i think a lot...) of disturbance caused by my daughters.

Next posting
My game against Ng6

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