Wednesday, June 15, 2011


December last year i posted an article about my 2011 chess resolutions. Now we are at the middle of the year, let’s do a brutally honest half yearly review on my resolution (KPI !?) and my performance so far....

To Study Endgame
Out of 10 full marks, i gave myself 2. Books ready, board ready, coffee ready but then i could study just for about 10 minutes before distraction came (or my own lack of focus...maybe i should used the word ‘other commitment’ to replace ‘lack of focus’ :) Correct wording is ofcourse very important when doing KPI review.

Entered 2 FIDE rated tournament
Gave myself 7.5! Entered National Closed and currently entering the Nf6 tournament. Going to achieve this!

Pushed my FIDE rating to 2050
Gave myself 2. Over the last 6 months I gained 1 point. 6 point. At this rate it is going to take me 19 years to have a rating of 2050. Or about 350 years to be a 2700 player!

Entered 10 local tournaments and finished better than my seeding.
4 points for me. Entered about 2 or 3 tournament and all, finished better than my seeding. Plan to enter more tournaments after Hari Raya.

To buy original Rybka 4
Zero. Not going to happen. Why fork up few hundred bucks to buy a second best product when you can get the best product for free?

52 postings
Perfect 10. In fact this posting is my 53rd postings for this year.

All in all. An average achievement. Something like...not going to be sack but not going to get promotion either. Stood at the middle of the bell curve.

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