Saturday, June 18, 2011


Chess has long been associated with business. Most of the corporation used chess pieces on the company ads to indicate strategic thinking, long term planning, good move etc. Kasparov has also on many occasion relate chess with business e.g. study your opponents, never relax at the top etc. Mark Dvoretsky on his latest posting at also advise readers to treat every exchange of pieces as business transaction (try getting most profit out of it).

Those above makes me think…if chess is equal to business then…

The Equation
Blitz chess is derivative trading
Fast, lots of actions and just not for beginner.

Classical chess is stock/share trading
Every player is into this and every player/punter think they are better than what their performance indicator is.

Postal chess is bond trading.
Well, some bond takes 30 years to mature…yawn!

2 steps checkmate is winning lottery
You are damn lucky and odd is heavily against you

Setting up 4 steps checkmate is setting up a Ponzi scheme
You are taking risk on the stupidity of your opponent for your own quick gains.

Getting a GM title is getting listed on main board, KLSE.
Required hardwork and dedication. Once achieved will be very visible and will open doors to lots of opportunity.

MCF is SC (Securities Commission)
Supervising , monitoring and got lots of power.

Discovered a theoretical novelty is discovered oils..
Very valuable.

Chessbase is Bloomberg
Oracle. Place to go to seek information/ knowledge.

Dato Tan Chin Nam is Warren Buffett
Rich, powerful, lots of connections and who people always see when needs help.

Yeoh Li Tian is Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder)
Very young, very successful and lots of promises.

MasHafizulhelmi is Robert Kuok
Top of the game. Number one in the list

Hmm, if Mas is number one then me, ranked number 56 in Malaysia is equal to….damn! Malaysia Business/ Forbes listed only of top 40 richest Malaysian. I always miss the cut. Anyway, ranked number 56 should still put me of having estimated assets of about RM100 million…how nice!

If only chess is business...